San Antonio, Texas, USA

My music is 70's Retro meets a female Thom Yorke with elements of Brian Wilson's "Smile" Era. It's a mix of the emotion of Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval and the note belting of Tanya Donelly.


Erica Swan has come full circle. Erica Swan started out in 2004 playing the San Antonio circuit with a violinist doing acoustic Simon and Garfunkel meets ethereal vocals. Soon after, she began playing in prominent San Antonio progressive/indie-rock band Ledaswan. They disbanded at the beginning of 2013. Erica Swan has finally come back to doing more of that quiet music that pulls your head down underneath from all the noise. Its quiet but completely full and theres no denying its stark realism blended with dark 70s Retro meets Brian Wilson Smile era. Her vocals have been described as a female Thom York. The new songs are about love, loss, transitions, and numbness that people seem to bring upon themselves, I found myself leaving a long relationship and another big relationship with four other people from Ledaswan and I didnt know if I wanted to play music anymore. I learned to put it someplace and started playing open-mics again and then gigs in art galleries in San Antonios talented local art scene. It felt freeing and I started falling in love with writing again, that pureness and rawness that I missed and love. Ledaswan was on the verge of releasing a full-length album after independently releasing three E.P.s and three music videos. Ledaswan toured regionally and nationally opening for such bands as Girl in a Coma, Nico Vega, Lydia and Veruca Salt. The band garnered a loyal following through relentless DIY work-ethic and touring. Erica Swan has already opened for Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, 8mm (producer of NIN/Marilyn Manson) and Hey Ocean. A Midwest tour this summer is to follow.


To Break Walls

Written By: Erica Monzon

Trying to break free from all the wrong
are you worrying? Staying out?
I’ve been hoping your faith gets in my arms one day yeah
hoping your life gets clean like mine
I’m not the one to break walls
but I’m seeing something in you
it’s always hard to dream about the words
I’ll open up something nice
right away I feel you
right away I feel something
right away I feel you
right away I feel love

Set List

Break Down
Drunk Love
Downtown Dweller
To Break Walls
I Took the Money
False Alarms