Tucson, Arizona, USA

What started as a simple singer/songwriter project is now a full-fledged four-piece, channeling diverse tones and rythyms from good ole duwop to dirty down south country blues. The music speaks for itself, though our good looks don't hurt.


ilamir began with the music of singer/songwriter Kaia Chesney in 2006. After performing solo for over a year, additional musicians were added to performance, but it took 3 long years of tweaking until ilamir finally settled on its permanent members. Still writing the songs, Kaia Chesney is influenced heavily by 60's female vocalists, with a soft-spot still for sappy acoustics. Often vocally compared to the likes of Jenny Lewis, Leslie Feist, and Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries, Kaia Chesney's vocals have been described in the local media as haunting and atmospheric. Singing alongside Kaia is longtime friend Sarah Ling, who also acts as the band's bassist, as well as wife to drummer Andrew Ling. Andrew Ling is a soulful percussionist who's turned the simplistic into an art, comparable to the percussion style of David Bazaan. Andrew Ling also acts as graphic designer for the band, the go-to man for all things merchandise. Tyler Moss is Kaia Chesney's ex-boyfriend, but they dated when she was 14 so it doesn't really count. As the last added member of ilamir, guitarist Tyler Moss has been involved in the Tucson music scene in other acts such as The American Black Lung and At the Base Of a Black Hill, and works as a recording engineer at Landmark Sound Recorders. Tyler's guitar channels the stylistic rhythms of bands such as Wilco, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, all the while incorporating flavors of Tuson's southwestern flair. ilamir's music is honest, fun and easily related to... an original sound all on their own.


Circa 1951

Written By: Kaia Chesney

As sure as rain falls from the sky
I'd wait another lifetime just for you,
I swear my words are true

And when you leave just take a piece
of me to hold on to
I'll hold on to you

So baby, baby
don't be scared when nights are cold
and hazy, my baby
I'm just waiting,
I'm just waiting here at home

Though no one knows their right from wrong
remember when you're gone I do
I'll be good for you
And when you come home back to me I won't forget the memories of love
And I'll love you again

Good Breath

Written By: Kaia Chesney

The Saints hear echoed pleas
of what we want, not what we need
You need not a face to pray to,
a candle in glass cannot guide you

If signs said all they could
I wouldn't get lost like I do
I need a face to pray to,
I need a guide just like you

Keep asking
maybe if you're yelling
they'll hear your heart pleading
You'll get your way

But if we go out in a fiery flame somehow
Believing we're heard now
then it was not a waste of good breath

They can keep their robes and books
They can keep their dirty looks
Your holy heaven ends right here
The God that you've made is the one I fear

Something to Love

Written By: Kaia Chesney

I'll bring you something to love
so long as you keep loving me
I'll bring you something to share
so long as you share it with me

But keep in mind the gift I give you
costs a lot
maybe our home
What you receive it will not hurt you
but will demand everything you own
to be set down
to discard the way you live
Give what you gave to him
back to me somehow

I brought you something to love
but your love for me fell apart
I brought you something to share
but your greed just broke my heart

I kept in mind the gift I give you
would cost a lot
maybe our love
what you received it did not hurt you
but in exchange you sold our love
for a one-night stand
for a stupid man
Take your life your man
and get on, get out


Springtime- played on 91.3 FM KXCI (Tucson)
Circa 1951- played on 91.3 FM KXCI (Tucson)

ilamir (self-titled EP) release date: 11/20/2009

Set List

1. Far Away From Now
2. Eugene
3. Tides Roll In
4. Good Breath
5. Something To Love
6. Matthew
7. Springtime
8. Circa 1951

Generally 30-45 minute set, more or less.