Ilana Eliya and Ensamble Aram

Ilana Eliya and Ensamble Aram

 Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, ISR

Ilana Eliya –a world music singer which
Her music is based on Jewish - Kurdish music.
Ilana Eliya is blessed with a rare voice, full of deep and expressive nuances.
She released until now 5 albums and performed in festivals and other kind of performances all over the world.
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Ilana Eliya - An Ethno Classic singing
Ilana Eliya's artistry entwines old traditions from the mountains of Kurdistan and local, Israeli traditions. Eliya's intricate identity, her deep bonds to the kurd tradition kept by her father, the cantor, and her equally strong ties to the Hebrew language and to contemporery Hebrew poetry created an extraordinary echo in her musical - vocal presence. It rendered Eliya's unique, lucid, piersing voice a rare power of exspression.
Ilana sings in Kurdish, Hebrew and Arabic. She performs in Ethnic-World, Israeli and Jewish festivals around the world. Perfomed in England, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the U.S. and more.
Collaborated with numerous artists : Mark Kopitman, a classical modern music composer,The Yellow Submarin Jazz Ensamble, Avi Balleli and The Revenge Of The Tractor, Berry Saharof and more.