Born in Italy and now living in New York City, Ilaria has been compared to Sade and Annie Lennox. Her music is soulful, laid-back, and sensual with a world appeal. She leaves you mesmerized, stirring your emotions with the depth of her warm, lush vocals and her honest, captivating melodies.


Ilaria was born in Italy and raised in both L.A. and South Florida. Her early influences included 60's motown, 80's pop and R&B, folk, Reggae and rock alike. Her beauty, voice and personal style is exotic, soulful and inviting. She is definetly one of a kind: a natural and a true artist. She currently lives in NYC where she spends most of her time performing and writing new material.


Water's Edge

Written By: Ilaria Cutolo

Take the next train back home
No excuses to take hold
I'm not afraid to stay
You're not going to leave this way
Oh no

It takes courage to let go
Honey I can't if you don't
I'm not afrad to stay
you're not going to leave this way

Take me to the water's edge
Feel the sunlight on your face
Are you going to be there on your own
Are you going to be there when I get home

When I get home (repeat)

Set List

My set list includes:
Water's Edge
There For You
These Games
My set is 35+ minutes long.