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I.L.E. is not only fascinating, but their uniqueness will captivate you from the start and command your attention until the last word of their performance. All artists bring a different flavor to the group and therefore add dimensions that rock stages wherever they go.


In fall 2005, IllicitLife Entertainment (ILE) began a sweet musical adventure into the intrigue of the underground gay community with its intoxicating first release, Triple Threat’s "Get Ready." Excitement and popularity spread at home, while internet exposure and increase electronic sales spread the label around globe. The I.L.E. Volume 1, an energetic and exhilarating project, was released in January 2007 and quickly became a favorite among local DJs. The label provided its supporters with a new experience in mid summer with the release of Alsace Carcione’s "The Adopted Chyl of da South" creating additional heat for the Fourth of July celebration in Texas.
The exclusive partnership between the owners, Niky (Nik) Harper and Sparkle ‘Sparksfly’ Ensley has been unbreakable. Nik has a background in gospel singing and has organized choirs and ensembles for the past fifteen years, creating one of the original stud groups, "Tomboy." 'Sparksfly' uses her strategic business and management skills to keep this operation moving.
ILE has ignited the fires of such artist as Jay, Finesse, Shawty B, and D-Baby. They have been instrumental in rekindling the flames of such artists as CodeRed and Dymond. And facilitated the explosive debut launch of solo artist Alsace Carcione.
ILE is changing the face of today’s music. Because of its desire to be fairly represented, the gay community encourages and embraces ILE’s efforts. Because of its fascination with moral duty and its relation to sexuality, the straight community recognizes and regards ILE as underground legends for expressing truth and honesty in their music.
This year, ILE affiliated artists, have opened shows for several nationally recognized artists including Rasheeda with her mega hit BubbleGum, Joe (I Can Do This) and for TrapStars with the street booming track Get It Big. They are continuing their quest with several upcoming projects for 429 local stay tuned!!
CEO, IllicitLife Entertainment


"Triple Threat "Get Ready" - released spring 2006
"The I.L.E., vol. 1" -released fall 2007
"Alsace Carcione~The adopted chyl of da south" - released Summer 2007

There are tracks from all of these cd's available for streaming at

Set List

Who's got you back, My Drank and my dank, Azz, Lyrical Murder, No Different and a few mixtape songs. There are usually 2 sets of 12-15mins for a set.