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"Ileana "Nascent""

Ileana, c’est 5 Montréalais. Le chanteur chante en anglais (Eh ! oui que voulez-vous) un de plus, ou de moins (pourquoi pas ?). Ileana est une déesse dont s’inspire le quintette, ils ont créé autour d’elle, un monde mythologique unissant l’ensemble de son oeuvre.

Voici le groupe : Yan Merzbacher (voix), Jeff Thevenot (guitare), Maxime Lalane (batterie),
Gabriel Hardy (basse) et Agostino Scafidi (guitare)

Un monde passionné….

12 chansons qui vous feront font voyager dans vos vérités, mais surtout dans vos voix intérieures. Ce groupe va vous surprendre par ses mélodies féeriques et légendaires. En un instant vous serez transporté dans une ambiance à la fois obscure et eurythmique bien fondue à la section vocale troublée.

Bref : musique profonde et surtout sincère qui pourrait changer certaines perceptions de votre vie, sans vous en rendre contre, voilà l’univers d’ Ileana

Écoutez : Epistaxis

Vous voulez les voir en spectacle ? Le groupe montera sur les scènes montréalaises à deux reprises d’ici la fin de l’été, soit le 16 juin au Club Soda et le 29 juillet à la Sala Rossa.

Produit par Guy Pelletier et Ileana, mixé par Louis Martin et «masterisé» par Bill Szawlowski,
Nascent (Gaia Disk Records / FAB Distribution) sera en magasin le 22 mai 2007. - Info-biz

"Ileana, sombres melodies"

See photo gallery! - Journal de Montreal

"Ileana "Nascent""

Ileana ‘Nascent’
Independent release
Steve’s Rating: 7/10

leana ‘Nascent’

Usually CONFRONT Magazine tends to review only upcoming new releases for the “Views & Reviews” section. However, in the interests of promoting local talent and encouraging the “interactive” format of CONFRONT Magazine, when we were contacted by Montreal Indie band Ileana, we decided to review their debut CD, appropriately titled ‘Nascent’.

This CD is definite rock and roll, the sound somewhere between Tool, Pearl Jam and Moist / David Usher. The lyrics are dark and introspective, but the album suffers from over-heavy production: the drums, bass guitars and vocals are so highly equalized that everything sounds flat, muted. There’s constant reverb on everything; guitar, drums, piano, vocals…speaking of the vocals, Yan Merzbacher’s voice has obviously been well-trained; he’s nearly pitch-perfect, but he also insists on singing every song from the back of his throat; sometimes he’s reminiscent of Eddie Vedder, Carl Sagan, and, unfortunately, Kermit the Frog.

So the album is far from perfect; however, it has purity to it, not in spite of but because of it. The flaws are distracting because they mar what is obviously talent kept on a very short leash. This band could do better, especially with a more trusting producer and if Merzbacher dropped the throatiness of his singing. I’m anxious and curious to hear them live, because I suspect they’ll sound far better than on this CD.

- Confront Magazine


Nascent - LP - (2007)



Ileana is presented…

Five Montreal based alternative rock musicians have skillfully woven their art to breed an inspirational, mystical and mythological world, supported by their one-eyed Goddess and Muse: Ileana.

Ileana speaks of the unseen and the unspoken, and of the broken bridges left between our day to day lives and our inner truths. Nascent (Gaia Disk Records, FAB Distribution), the band’s birth and debut album is a strong and provoking musical offering. This album is an intricate musical flow, intriguing the listener with dialog between crushing rhythms, and ethereal guitar harmony. Drumming so compelling and steadfast bound with purposeful and rich bass lines has all come together to present a vast canvas where the voice of Ileana emerges: a sincere and generous presence with a unique texture that flirts with darkness to lead you into the light.