A band from Montreal that's got its own thing and is just fine with that. Opening up minds from here to Tallahassee.


Ileana is presentedÂ…

Five Montreal based alternative rock musicians have skillfully woven their art to breed an inspirational, mystical and mythological world, supported by their one-eyed Goddess and Muse: Ileana.

Ileana speaks of the unseen and the unspoken, and of the broken bridges left between our day to day lives and our inner truths. Nascent (Gaia Disk Records, FAB Distribution), the bandÂ’s birth and debut album is a strong and provoking musical offering. This album is an intricate musical flow, intriguing the listener with dialog between crushing rhythms, and ethereal guitar harmony. Drumming so compelling and steadfast bound with purposeful and rich bass lines has all come together to present a vast canvas where the voice of Ileana emerges: a sincere and generous presence with a unique texture that flirts with darkness to lead you into the light.


Nascent - LP - (2007)

Set List

No covers. Material available to last us over an hour.
Typical set is 35 to 45 mins.