Orlando, Florida, USA

ilest plays honest pop rock driven by high amounts of energy and a strong will to bring about positive social and cultural change.


ilest was formed in 2005, and, after undergoing numerous name and lineup changes, has become the musical outlet for guitarist and vocalist, Tarek Kasmi. Influenced by an array of extremely different artists, ilest creates pop rock that carries the passion of music's more extreme genres. As 2010 unfolds, ilest continues to spread awareness through music that is both meaningful and honest.


The New Century

Written By: ilest

Open your eyes at last. We are falling back into the promised land. And here, I have found a new reason to fight again. As we burn through the new century, we will fall back into place. Today, we scream out the songs that set our hearts on fire. Regain the light of youth. We are burning through with all of our hope renewed. And here, you will find such stars within, alight for you. Burning with light, our flame reignites. We stand unbroken. Sing with me now. Fight back. They do not deserve. Sing with me now. Fight back. We are forever. There is a siren sounding. Our footsteps will shake the Earth. Scream loud our battle cry as we spread our fire.


Releases to date:

-Upcoming Promotional EP
-"The New Century" Promo
-EP 2009
-A host of old EPs and demos

Set List

I play acoustic sets quite frequently. My typical set list ranges from 4 to 8 songs in length, depending on the allotted time. Songs that are played:

-The Great Compromise (3:30)
-We Are Being Manipulated (2:40)
-One Ember Left (3:30)
-Illuminate (4:00)
-The Last Day of Summer (3:00)
-Unchained (3:20)
-The Drive Home (3:40)
-We're All Dead Inside (4:40)