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It's time for hip-hop to be stimulating again!!!!!!!! The Place: A.G and Ghetto Da Vinci, where street Savvy and Intelligence merge on a way street. Lyrically superior to most bands and artist out there, A.G. and Ghetto D can make you think, bob your head uncontrollably and even tear da club up. The very intelligent and musically inclined artists bring you the intellectual side of hip-hop while making good music for the clubs, ladies, and grown folks. While the hip hop world overdoses on the distinct illusion of life is all fun, with shiny rims, iced out jewelry, and heavy drug trafficking. A.G and Ghetto Da Vinci blends reality, life, and fun into one masterpiece. The Transformation. Their 1st album due to be released in October.

How many music professionals do you know that can build computers from the motherboard up, mix and master their own tracks, spit some of the hottest 16 bars to date, have a full time job, a part time job, produce and co-produce several hot tracks, play several instruments, read music, ghost write, and be the CEO of their own trademarked registered business??…Can you think of one person? I’ll help you with that. Up until now you would not have been able to name one. If you ask several Mc’s competing for tracks he created and produced, or hundreds and maybe even thousands of fans all across the world including Italy about his musical ability, or anyone who’s been in his studio and witnessed his mixing capability and the size of his self built super computer; they all have one name in common. “A.G!!!!!!!” Only 1 half of a dynamic duo from the city of Chicago. The other half Ghetto Da Vinci also from the city of Chicago, a known baller and hustler in several cities happen to share some of the same talents and coincidentally the same blood.

A.G. born Brian Wendell Head has been the recipient of regional literary accomplishments in the city of Chicago, a respected musician in his high school band and Drum & Bugle corps, and several other accomplishments fought very hard to avoid the ever looming cliché that most if not all African American young men wanted to become rap stars, or basketball players decided that his musical and literary talents despite his personal option out weighed countless years of scraping by on salaries that barely fed 3 on a good year. Introduced to music making by his brother A.G began to excel at producing music and song writing and after 3 years found himself among the elite in songwriting, and learning programs such as pro-tools, reason, and other music based programs. After several years of learning, experimenting, and mastering Akedemikally Gifted is ready to take the music industry by storm.

In an industry hijacked by loud, thumping bass, catchy hooks, and where talent seems to be anything but a prerequisite emerges Akedemikally Gifted (A.G.) and Ghetto Da Vinci. The two artists form a powerful duo to bring you what your ears have been anticipating for a long time. The brothers were born and raised on the west side of Chicago into a family of nine with a single mother, where poverty was essentially the primary and only lifestyle they ever knew. An overly strict church environment essentially prevented the young men from experiencing anything in the way of a normal childhood, and eventually thrusts them into a world where life was not composed of gentlemen but of back stabbers and a multitude of ambitious people looking out for number 1. The transformation was a slow and painful process. But what used to be a soft spoken bright eyed positive attitude eventually turned into callous, uncompromising ambition to make it to the top no matter who or what.

The young men found themselves out of familiar territory and in the streets of Oklahoma City where they began making music in 2002 and began to distinguish themselves by bringing the unique and very uncommon combination of imperial lyrical substance seasoned with mind blowing hooks, street savvy tracks and club bangers sure to ignite a crowd. A.G and Ghetto D has performed in clubs, and has songs played on the radio in several cities including, Houston, Chicago, and several parts of Oklahoma. With sounds ranging from southern style beats to windy city anthems A.G and Ghetto D are on a war path. Equipped with ambition and raw fire power the 2 artists intend to ignite the world of music in mid October of 2006. The Transformation starts NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!