Ilhan Ersahin's Istanbul Sessions

Ilhan Ersahin's Istanbul Sessions

 İstanbul, Istanbul, TUR

Istanbul Sessions is formidable renewal of today's jazz. Can we call it jazz? Yes, This music performed with the energy of rock sound where you can find many influences like Miles Davis of 70's or turkish percussion etc. They are good representative of 2010's jazz: open, passionate, fascinating


The free-form jazz riffs of NYC's East Village and the exotic-tinged jazz rhythms of Istanbul come together harmoniously on the compelling new album ILHAN ERSAHIN'S ISTANBUL SESSIONS with ERIK TRUFFAZ, released March 8 on Nublu Records in Europe and June 6th in the U.S...

Noted saxophonist/composer Ilhan Ersahin, who helms the acclaimed Nublu Records and adjoining East Village nightclub of the same name, has spent many years traveling to Istanbul, and absorbing the great music scene blossoming there. The jam sessions and creative circles he found in Istanbul are the inspiration behind ISTANBUL SESSIONS.

"It was natural for me to continue my journey within music in Istanbul, partly because I’m half Turkish, and have been going to there on and off now for 15 years," comments Ersahin. "I have established myself in the Istanbul music scene by bringing artists mostly from NYC to play with me there, as well as playing lots with local artists. Over the years I have brought Eddie Henderson, Kenny Wollesen, Norah Jones, Bebel Gilberto, Matt Penman, Otto, U-Roy and many many more."

The four-piece band featured on ISTANBUL SESSIONS started off as a handpicked group for a one time show Ersahin did in Istanbul three years ago. "We didn’t play a “Turkish” sound, but a more open sound true to who we are , so of course the spirit of Istanbul is in there when we play," elaborates Ersahin. The group is regularly joined by European jazz star, French trumpeter Erik Truffaz, who performs on most of the tracks, which were all composed by Ersahin. The band is rounded out by Alp Ersonmez , the bass player, also plays with Turkish superstar Tarkan; Turgut Alp Bekoglu, the drummer, plays with Turkish diva Sezen Aksu; Izzet Kizil is the percussion man behind almost every other studio recording in Istanbul.

In March, the group took France by storm, touring all over the country and performing at the prestigious Banleues Bleues Festival in Paris. The album has received rave reviews from French media including L

e Monde, Rolling Stone France, Vibrations, So Jazz and many more.



ALBUM- Ilhan Ersahin - Istanbul Sessions with Erik Truffaz (2010 / nublu records),
in Turkey (Oct'09-nublu/pozitif),
in Europe(March'10-nublu/discograph),
in USA (June'10-nublu-redeye)

> The Album has been in Top10 on iTunes France and
> Our titles like "Freedom", "Bosphorus", "Les Ottomans", "Thomas O'Malley" are on radio selection

EP- Bosphorus (with Etienne Jaumet remix) (nublu/discograph)
released in USA (June'10-nublu-redeye)


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- Ilhan Ersahin - Istanbul Sessions with. Erik Truffaz (Nublu Records) 2010
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- Wax Poetic - Istanbul (Nublu Records) 2008
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- Nublu Orchestra conducted by Butch Morris (Nublu Records) 2007
- Wax Poetic - Copenhagen (Nublu Records) 2006
- Love Trio in Dub feat. U-Roy (Nublu Records) 2006
- Our Theory - Our Theory with. Erik Truffaz (Nublu Records) 2006
- Ilhan Ersahin - Wonderland/Harikalar Diyarı (Doublemoon Records 2005)
- Wax Poetic - Nublu Sessions (Ultra Records) 2004
- Love Trio - Love Trio (Nublu Records) 2003
- Wax Poetic - Wax Poetic (Atlantic Records) 2000 (with Norah Jones, Ndea Davenport, Kurt Rosenwinkle etc)
- Ilhan Ersahin - Virgo (Doublemoon Records) 2000
- Ilhan Ersahin - Our Song (Golden Horn Records) 1998
- Ilhan Ersahin - Home (Golden Horn Records) 1997

Set List

we play our original music... not covers yet...
our usual set list is like:
- freedom
- bosphorous
- selim
- our theory
- thomas omalley
- kefal
- ask
- sensiz
- les ottomans
- husch
+freedom (encore)

we usually do 60-120 minutes sets depending the event and the mood of the night, the crowd etc.