i like orange

i like orange


We are a six piece dual female fronted, original soul/funk/rock band that has the capacity to reach a broad and diverse audience.


Aly and Sarah have been best friends since college. After numerous years in the Big Apple and after countless independent projects, they decided to join forces. Their fans couldn't be happier! They heard comments like, "It's about time!" and "Finally!" They took this collaboration to the next level by inviting four amazingly talented (and not bad looking) musicians into their newest project.
The name of the band, "i like orange," is often of interest to their fans. They still, however, refuse to reveal the reasoning behind it (perhaps we could convince them to do so upon receiving their first grammy).


This Time

Written By: Aly Wirth & Michael McLeod

(Verse 1)
Well, isn't it priceless
This is my quarter-life crisis
Nobody told me when I was a girl
You only learn by livin' in this world

And though I kept my dukes up
I didn't know there'd be things I could not fight off
I fell in love in one simple minute
But I'm not wastin' my time tryin' to forget it

Been way too long, but now I'm strong
Gonna stand up on my own
And this time I get to fall in love with bein' alone
This time I get to fall in love with bein' alone

(Chant under Chorus)
Gonna stop holdin' on to you
Time to start with somethin' brand new

(Verse 2)
Now I'm gonna do it right
Keep my head up and hold on tight
Gonna be allright, I'm just gonna breathe
Time to realize my inner peace

Well now I know that I'll be fine
I've just got to rely on time
I can't erase a memory
So I'll let him be a part of me..(a part of me)

(Chant under Verse 2)
Now I'm gonna do it right
Keep my head up, hold on tight
No more insecurity
No more feelin' sorry for me
I'm just gonna learn to breathe
Find my own inner peace
Time to turn my life around
Ain't so bad to be alone

(Chorus)- out


We have just released our first EP titled "i like orange."

Set List

We have over two hours of original music. If covers are desired...we've got 'em...at least another three hours worth! That's 5 hours of playing time you can get out of us!