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You can listen to us at: www.soundcloud.com/ilikerye



Whether it be waltzing effortlessly between musical genres as diverse as folk and cabaret or creating multi-layered vocal harmonies that soar above light, bright melodies - Rye genuinely love what they do. Their obvious joy at performing has quickly made them among the most appealing live acts in London. Most often compared to Slow Club, Rye's sound is a magpie mix of styles, reduced to acoustic guitar, drums, violin and melodica, and fuelled by two voices guaranteed to bring up the hairs on the back of your neck. If you only see one unsigned band this year, make sure it’s a double Rye.

But How Did It All Begin?....

Once upon a time, Rachael and Guy were trying to think of a band name. We couldn't. These are hard things to do. We toyed with Castell and Hobbs. Hobbs and Castell. Hobbtell. Cobbs. Nothing stuck. And then after much booze our friend Nancy suggested that we just call ourselves Rye.

We loved playing music together, so much so that Guy went to New Zealand and broke his foot. Whilst convalescing, he wrote the beautiful 'Imagined Life' which needed violin on it like a glove needs a hand. And so Orla Molony was born and she played violin in Rye. Actually she was born before this event and had met Rachael whilst working at ENO.

After some time, and much song writing and frivolity and only one row, Rachael and Guy and Orla came to the conclusion that - good as the boom cha beats Rachael was rinsing out of her Flat Bass drum were - we needed a drummer. And lo, Tom Shelton did post on Facebook that he would be in Paris the same weekend that Rachael was there, and the deal was done.

You can find us at: www.facebook.com/ilikerye. We had to call it ilikerye because Rye is taken by almost everything else (grain, whiskey, catchers). We like this url because it immediately makes you in favour of us, but it confuses everyone.

We are Rye. We like Rye. And that is all.