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This band has not uploaded any videos



"One For The People: New Artist: I Like The Go Go - Crystal Rock"

It's always a rarity for a band to post their first piece of work on your Facebook page and for it to be any good, but after listening to bullish Brighton duo I Like The GoGo, their cocksure, in-your-face attitude to promotion isn't really a surprise anymore.

I Like The GoGo are brothers Ross and Ben, I'd like to tell you more but we haven't had time to send an email. They make gritty garage rock with hints of surf-pop and remind us very much of The Black Keys. Where they might lack any Black Keys soul, they certainly make up for it with their wickedly brash and playful British charm.

Listen to I Like The GoGo's debut self-titled EP below and you can also buy a digital copy from their bandcamp - One For The People

"I Like The Go Go"

I Like the GoGo are a brand new garage/surf-rock band from Brighton that has just released their debut self-titled EP. Their brand of hyperspeed, rough around the edges rock is utterly fun, and something that I’m sure would be incredible live. I’m a bit surprised there’s only two people present in this band, as there is so much wonderful and loud noise being made. Shouty vocals, easy to get down to melodies, and a knack for clearly representing their past influences on their sleeves, it’s an all-together extremely entertaining listen.

Have a taste below and if you are in the Brighton area, go out to a gig and let me know how sweet these guys are live.
- Hand Clap Movement


I Like The Go Go EP



Ross and myself have known each other since the age of 16 after trying to get a band together at that tentative age in south London. In that instance we failed. Never really lost contact and after I relocated to Brighton from London in the summer of 2012, bumped into him in a greasy cafe and after minimal mulling, decided it was time to do something together. We cobbled some songs together and played almost every other day somewhere around town for about a month, most notably, we headlined Brighton's infamous 'Stay Sick' night. After which we recorded our first EP, just before xmas. So far this year we have been hitting the road with our gig buddies Slaves and being received very well where ever we have been to. Our influences vary greatly between us but we share a love of 60's garage music and motown/soul music of that era also. I am more inclined to the punk side of things and Rooster is by far the smoother of us two. I feel the connection we have between the two of us sets us apart from all other bands and I think our increasingly frantic live show is something special too.