West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
BandEDMHip Hop

We are not your typical rap group...We provide the soundtrack to epic.


ill-Advized is not your typical rap group. They are not your typical house group, nor are they your typical electronic group.Their fusion of Hip-Hop, House, and Electronic music has set them apart from anything typical. The group is made up of Dj Dior and rapper Harvey Banks. The two linked up with the intentions of doing a mixtape that blends Hip-Hop with House and Dubstep (Fusion Mixtape Released Summer 2011), but midway through they realized they had found their muse. Since, the duo has been recording music and booking shows across the U.S.. Their fanbase is centered around the college atmosphere. Their party music provides the soundtrack to campus life across the country. Catch ill-Advized on a campus near you!


Young and Reckless Single (2010) Available in iTunes
Electric Feel Remix (2010) Available in iTunes
Fusion. Feat. Dj Dior (Summer 2011) Available in iTunes