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The powerful ill Angelic plays at K.C.'s Music Alley this Saturday night
Date published: 8/13/2009
It's rare when U2, Tupac, Linkin Park and Enya are uttered in the same breath.
What in the world do these musicians have in common, one may ask? For the answer, just turn to ill Angelic, an increasingly well-known Stafford-based band that has found its unique voice by tying in the diverse elements it loves--and leaving its ears open.
"The main thing we've learned is to always be open-minded," said lead singer Jonathan Sorrow in a recent phone interview. "Music is a lot like cooking, where you can't just use one ingredient all the time because it will taste the same. We like to throw in three or four different ingredients in the mix and see what happens."
Whatever the band has been putting in the oven, it tastes pretty good. While ill Angelic's vibe leans on the Alt-rock side, absent are the never-ending shrieks that may make your mom question your sanity.
Simply put, this is edgy rock at its smoothest.
In just a few years, the local boys (consisting of Sorrow, Josh Mills, Matt White, Matt Ferraro and Keona Lipkins) have erupted from the Fredericksburg scene to be featured in an array of high-profile regional competitions.
Recently, the band has graced the stages at the Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, and the State Theatre in Falls Church. This Saturday, it will play K.C.'s Music Alley before heading north to partake in another battle in Sterling.
"The main thing with these competitions is figuring out how to do the transitions," said Sorrow. "That's pretty much what we've been working on as we shift between different set lengths."
Soon enough, ill Angelic may find itself not having to worry about set lengths or other minute worries that up-and-coming bands encounter. Recently the band sent some cuts to Europe, where its samples received rave reviews from test audiences.
In a testing process that tends to take two weeks, ill Angelic's tunes were given an enthusiastic thumbs up after only four days. The band also plans to release its new album, "Shadows of the Past," in a matter of weeks.
In many ways, it showcases how ill Angelic has grown and continues to grow.
"Well, for one, the new album was recorded in a real studio," laughed Sorrow. "For the first album, it was basically a bunch of guys crowded into a little padded room in a basement. This time it was actually in a studio."
For a band with "ill" in its name, all vital signs appear to be healthy.
And about that name--how exactly did such a concept come about?
"My brother and I came up with that," said Sorrow. "Ill Angelic it's kind of like a dark warrior angel. We like to look at ourselves as a voice for those who may not have one--a guardian for the underground."
Jesse Scott of Fredericksburg is a freelance writer.
Who: ill Angelic, with Envy Insane Where: K.C.'s Music Alley, 1917 Princess Anne St., Fredericksburg When: Saturday, Aug. 15 (Doors open at 5 p.m., with ill Angelic playing 10:30-11:30 p.m.) Cost: $8 Info: 540/371-0300; - THE FREE LANCE-STAR Paper



The Forgotten Letters - EP

Shadows of the Past - LP

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ill Angelic is a five-piece band based out of Stafford, VA with a style branching from hard rock to epic scores. Their music is a sound-scape of sweeping melodies, heavy distortion, and a touch of world instrumentation fused together to create a grand portrayal of sorrow and liberation.

The band was originally founded by Jonathan and his two brothers, Joey and Mike. Out of these beginnings came the song Fly Away and many others that are still played by ill Angelic today. The songwriting of the band is almost entirely attributed to Jon Patton (a.k.a. Jon Sorrow) and so despite the changes in band members, the style and sound has remained consistent.

The first official EP/CD was released by the band under the name "ill Angelic" entitled "The Forgotten Letters". It produced a buzz of excitement within northern Virginia with their mixture of creatively crafted tracks, heavy sounding guitar work and beautifully soaring melodies.

The new album titled "Shadows of the Past" includes 15 tracks and is due to be released September 2009. The tracks branch from explosive rock songs to melancholy ballads. It was the essence of the band captured on one single disc... a true revelation of Jon's amazing connection with music set with lyrics that come straight from his soul. It is only the beginning of where the band is headed!

The members are:
Jon Sorrow (Lead Vocals / Guitarist / Composer)...founder...with a vocal sound that is nothing less than an amazing compliment to the music along with his rhythm guitar talents to lead the way as ill Angelic's front man.

Matt White (Bassist) offers amazing talents and unique sounds playing the tabla, Native American Flutes, Oud, Pipa, Mandolin and Gu Qin as well as emotional backing vocals to which mesmerize the audience.

Josh Mills (2nd / Lead Guitarist) plays melodic riffs and leads which push the heavy rock roots that make up the foundation of their sound with complex guitar oriented songs that grab your attention and emotions.

Matt Ferraro (Drummer) adds a solid foundation with his professionally trained, advanced playing style. His action and tasteful beats add much more to the band than just a drummer as Matt is an integral part of the bands sound.

Keona Lipkins (Keys) is a musician well versed in many different genres and styles with acoustic piano roots. Her addition has allowed Jon the freedom to write more complex piano parts and she has quickly adapted to the rock style of the band.

The band is again ready to hit the road to promote our music from the new CD, "Shadows of the Past" to which has become a movement. Come to our shows and support our music by becoming a fan!