Chicago, Illinois, USA

IllazIam is a No nonsense, straight forward, high energy, raw, Metal band.


ILLAZIAM (Ill as I am), the Chicago based metal
band, prides themselves on
their diversity, originality, and explosive
performance. With influences and
backgrounds stemming from various genres, the
members of ILLAZIAM
collectively produce a sound that is uniquely their
own. The vibe is heavy,
melodic, mysterious, harmonious, moody, and
aggressive . The combination of
the shattering bass and drums, and the melodic weave
of pounding guitar and
wailing vocal arrangements, as well as their
supercharged live show.
ILLAZIAM is union of: urban bravado, punk attitude,
and Indy sophistication. That gives ILLAZIAM mass appeal and
staying power.
Creativity, energy, and star quality are components
that also define


My Tragedy Ep
1,Dead weight 2, My Tragedy3, Symbiotic, 4,Burn5,Cling 6, My Tragedy (Reprise)

Set List

Breed, Smoke and Mirrors, Dead Weight, No sympathy, My Tragedy, 7, Burn, Symbiotic, Cling