Roanoke, Virginia, USA
BandHip HopComedy

Comedy Hip Hop from Roanoke, VA that's more fun than a barrel full of monkeys on a meth bender!


Illbotz are a comedy/ hip-hop/ acoustic group from Roanoke, VA who have been making music, touring, and telling terrible jokes since 2004. They've released 5 albums including their newest "Pudding Is Delicious." Illbotz are known for their high-energy and hilarious live shows. They have shared the stage with Slick Rick, Bubba Sparxxx, Captured! By Robots, Young Sinclairs, Eternal Summers, Juan Huevos, Hammer No More The Fingers, Bastards Of Fate, White Cross (including members of GWAR), and most recently played the annual Nerdapalooza Festival in Orlando, Florida!

Illbotz were featured on the nerdcore compilation, "Nerdcore Now Volume One" with other high profile Nerdcore artists such as Beefy, Adam Warrock, Death Star, Random, Emergency Pizza Party, ThoughtCriminals, and Ultraklystron. This compilation went viral and got over 10,000 downloads in just a couple days. They have also been featured on Public Enemy's Enemy Radio, the Radio Free Hipster podcast, and Gettin' Pixelated podcast.

Illbotz have also made a tradition of getting out the shell toes and performing as Run-DMC every Halloween since 2007! Love them!


"Nothing Rhymes With Engine" Full Length Album, 2005
"Illbotz 2: Electric Boogaloo" Full Length Album, 2006
"Ringtones For Rotary Phones" Full Length Album, 2007
"5-4-Whoa!" Chimney Sweep Records Compilation, 2008
"All Bot And A Bag Of Chipz: The Best Of Illbotz" Full Length Album, 2009
"Pudding Is Delicious" Full Length Album, 2011
"Nerdcore Now Volume One" Compilation, 2011
"Nerdcore Now Volume One: B-Side" Compilation, 2011

Set List

Illbotz usually do an hour show with mostly original songs from their four albums. We will often do 1-2 covers during a set including ones by Biz Markie, Beastie Boys, Run DMC, etc. We usually do anywhere from 12 - 16 songs.