Ill Ease is the 1-woman band from NYC, with Elizabeth Sharp playing guitar riffs, bass loops, drums licks, car horn and anything else that rattles, buzzes or shakes. For the past 2 years, Ill Ease has toured the US & Europe extensively, opening for bands such as Deerhoof and Peter Bjorn & John.


Ill Ease was initially a recording project, born sometime around 1998, when an old 8-track, a haunted piano and a guitar amp with no off-switch for the vibrato were left in an abandoned auto shop in Brooklyn.

For several years after that, Elizabeth Sharp continued playing pop songs with fiendish instrumentation and continued recording Ill Ease albums in unusual locales – such as 2001’s Live at the Holiday Sin, which was recorded at a hotel room in Atlantic City.

After releasing several studio albums culminating in 2004’s The Exorcist, Ill Ease left the studio yelling ‘hold onto your fuzzy dice!’, and hit the Route 666 rock and roll highway.

While touring across the US and Europe, Ill Ease inspired a collection of features in national music mags like Magnet and Bitch, as well in local media from Time Out New York to The Chicago Tribune -- and from Liberation, in France, to iD, Q and Kerrang!, in the UK.

The Ill Ease live show is a whirlwind of vocal hooks, deconstructed guitar riffs, bass loops and drum licks. It is Rolling Stones 45s all scratched and skipping to a new york noise beat; its dancey dissonance that won't stumble home; it's a 1-piece that sounds like a 5-piece.


Power Turns Me On

Written By: Elizabeth Sharp

Power Turns Me On
There's a riot on Sunset Strip
Everytime you walk down it
I follow you wherever you go
I followed you in but you didnt know

I ordered a shot and you ordered a cosmo
That was 6 or 7 shots ago
When I took your picture it was over-exposed
But I didn't care and I saved it in my phone.

You got eyes like I never seen
They're a little bit blue and a little bit green
You got eyes like I never seen
They're a little bit cruel and a little bit mean.

You got style and you got moves
I like watching everything you do
You got a smile like I never seen
You got some kind of power over me.

Power turns me on.

Baby you say the sweetest things
Even if half the time I don't know what you mean
I just like watching you speak
My fingers go numb and my knees get weak.

I could dance with you all night
Maybe I could dance with you for the rest of my life
So turn up the music and turn down the lights
I just want to hold you tight.

You and me, we could go far
Uh oh - here come the credit cards
I gotta go but I wont be long
I gotta go home and write a song about how

Power turns me on.

Baby for you I'd write a hit record
Bet you're right all I gotta do is start dressing better.
Baby for you I'd write songs in E
If I could just see you do a strip tease
I'd write a song with a middle 8
With a verse and a chorus and a four bar break...

Power turns me on.

I gotta go but I want to take you home
So I got your number in my cell phone
I think I'll have a party tomorrow night
Tell your friends to come and it'll be alright cause

Power turns me on.


Ill Ease has released 4 studio albums, an EP and several singles. There has been significant airplay for the last several albums, especially the most recent album, All-Systems-A-Go-Go, which was in the CMJ Top 100 for approximately 2 months and was in the top 10 at several college stations across the US and Canada.

Discography, from most recent to earliest:
The Whole Sha Bang 7" (Parlour Records)
1. Here Comes Trouble
2. What Makes Your Heart Go Boom Boom?

Turn It Loose! (Ionik Records)
1. Here Comes Trouble
2. Its A Downard Spiral!
3. Two Lanes Left
4. When Suddenly, The Evil Twin Arrives!
5. Le Jeux Son Fait
6. My Last Tango In Paris
7. Hate The Game
8. I Think I Might Be In Love Again
9. Dear Krazy

All Systems A-Go-Go! (Cochon Records)
1. Too Much Sucky
(I Hate Drum Machines!)
2. New York No Wave
3. New York London Paris Tokyo Milan
(It's Worldwide! It's Fashion Suicide!)
4. The Two Party System
5. The New You
6. One Hell of A Bender
7. F*ck Everyone
8. Power Turns Me On
9. I Love Drum Machines (Napoleon III Re-mix)
10. New York, London, Paris (Subtitle Re-mix)

The Exorcist (Too Pure/Beggars Group Records)
1. Jersey-O-Matic
2. Winter in Hell
3. You Know You Make Me Wanna Hate You
4. The Skank
5. Malfunction Junction
6. Junkie Go Home (It’s the Vibrations)
7. You Look Like Hell Tonight
8. Walking Catastrophe
9. Our Boss Mayor
10. (And You're a) Zombie

Jersey-O-Matic 7" (Too Pure/Beggars Group Records)
1. Jersey-O-Matic
2. Its the Vibrations (acoustic)

Greatest Tits 12" EP (Too Pure/Beggars Group Records)
1.Sick Groove
2. Ruler of the Ho-dum
3. Backstabbers Anonymous
4. Skipping Town
5. I Must Have Perfect Timing

Live at the Holiday Sin (Smilex Records)
1. Dear Krazy
2. Whatever Turns You On
3. Static's Beat
4. Jackie On Acid
5. Me & My Babysitter
6. Ruler of the Ho-dum
7. Jack & Ginger
8. Yr. Corporate Sponsor
9. Motel California
10. Miami Hurricanes

Circle Line Tours (Swampy Records)
1. Well Alright
2. New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan
3. Rockerfeller Center
4. Sick Groove
5. Zero Down (Jericho Turnpike)
6. Saturday's Puzzle Solved
7. From the Coast of Manhattan to the Coast of New Jersey
8. Macon
9. New Haven, New Haven!
10. False Start, Night Driver

Live at the Gate (Smilex Records)
1. Walking Pneumonia
2. Bury Me At Sea
3. Battling Demons
4. The Early Stuff
5. Stand Clear
6. Birmingham
7. Hey Hey Fruitcake!
8. The Suckers and The Players
9. Speed Your Trip (Avoid Using Pennies)
10. Slowest Sleeping Car Train
11. Drowned and Uncovered
12. I Must Have Perfect Timing

Set List

The average set is 35-45 minutes long. Here is a sample of the '09 set list:
- Here Comes Trouble
- Dear Krazy
- Birmingham Redux
- The Brooklyn Queens Expressway Shuffle
- One Hell of a Bender
- Backstabbers Anonymous
- New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan
- It's The Vibrations
- The Two-Party System