Illegal ATLiens

Illegal ATLiens

BandHip Hop

Hip Hop in it's purest form. Reality rhymes for real times. Messengers of music providing true stories that all can relate to.


Illegal ATLiens born in Flint Mi but making noise in Atlanta GA. They bring energy that has been missing from the Hip Hop industry. Performing at various showcases thru out Atlanta Illegal ATLiens has left crowds wanting more.
Sammie Southpaw rips like a chainsaw. Hailing from the mitten setting his mark in the Dirty South. Bringing back the energy into the game that's missing. One part of IA and co-founder of Black Circle Family Inc. Southpaw will be heard and felt.

Lil E the baddest lil rapper their ever will be. Breaking all barriers within the industry. 3ft 7inches Lil E speaks like he is 6 ft. Hailing from the Mitten Flint, MI and residing in the dirty dirty south ATL, GA. he brings a passion back into Hip hop that is missing. Also co-founder Black Circle Family Inc. Lil E has made a vow to be heard.

Set List

If you Want it
It is what it is
What u a Gangsta