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Combining the political, the personal, the poetic and the hilarious in his signature blend of spoken word, Audley A. Astwood is gaining a strong reputation across the Caribbean and the USA for his bold, funny and thought-provoking performances. Whether taking a stance on child or spousal abuse, bold and insightful attacks on Santa Claus, or rhyming off his incisive spoken word rants, his unique Caribbean perspective, and unusual sense of humor have been winning him a loyal following.

Audley graduated from City College in Ft. Lauderdale with a Bachelor's in Management and Associate's in Broadcasting. It was in the U.S. where he made the transition from an author to a Spoken Word Artist. He has published two volumes of poetry "The Awakening" and "Illegal Thoughts?" which have been studied in elementary, secondary and tertiary institutions in the Turks & Caicos. A third volume entitled "Illegal Poet" which is an extension of his debut CD is expected to be released in early 2007.

Audley has performed in Broward, Dade and many other cities through out Florida, Georgia and the Caribbean sparking a buzz and became known as the poet with his own signature style of poetry. He has made several local radio and TV appearances in his home country of the Turks & Caicos Islands. He has been interviewed and had his poetry published in every local newspaper in his country. A huge force in promoting poetry to the masses in his country, Audley recently launched Cactus Slam, the first poetry festival in the Turks & Caicos Islands. The festival attracted poetry pioneer Bruce George of Def Poetry Jam fame to attend as a special guest, English Professor Eleanor Earl from Hampton University and many Spoken Word artists from South Florida.

Illegal Poet's debut CD, "Illegal Poet" which is slated to be released in the summer of 2006 is groundbreaking and profound. Since the release of its first single which features the rapping talent of Anthony Bovie in December 2005, "Ice Age" has been in heavy rotation on radio stations across the Turks & Caicos. His second single "I Swear" which he co-produced, features Orane from the Hip Hop/R&B group "Blakout" is also currently enjoying the same success as his first single.

As his poetry continues to evolve, he takes on many social issues of our times. He is no stranger to civil or human rights activism. Audley is the son of Lewis E. Astwood III a political pioneer and activist, who fought along side the late Honourable Jags McCartney in the 70's era against the British Government for equal rights. Audley's father and McCartney founded the first local political party, the Peoples Democratic Movement (P.D.M.) in the home where he lived. In 1976, McCartney and Audley's father were elected into public office. It was a historic occasion, which signaled the birth of modern democracy in the Turks & Caicos Islands. In true second-generation form, his poetry builds on the foundation of his father's activism which he was brought up on and takes it to original and unexpected directions. More and more, he delves deeper into giving a voice to the voiceless in his poetry. One can say that he is illegal because of his signature style, while others may say; its because of what he writes or speaks about. One thing is very evident however; he indeed is an Illegal Poet.


Can I enter you?

Written By: Illegal Poet

Teasing to your eyes
At first glance
For you've failed to realize
This is no romance
A one time affair perhaps
But that's up to you
I don't want to hear finger snaps
When I screw
With your mind
Just open up and take it
I don't wine and dine
You might forsake it
No foreplay
Yet your juices are flowing
To the words I say
Mind blowing
As I let my tongue
Get all up in you
Even though you're among
Others when we screw
But you don't care
It's better like that
I'm touching you everywhere
Not concerned about where I am
Hard thrusts as I come
To a point to ease in between
Making you numb
Exploring places I've never seen
Your mind is adrift
On another plane
Cause you took a lift
And I drove you insane
To hell with the norm for awhile
I'll just change my style
Give you quicker jooks
You won't find in books
Flip you like a page
My manhood is out the cage
I'm about to explode
In overdrive mode
Close to my climax
But don't relax
I'm almost there
This is as about as much
As I can bear
Freak it
I can't rhyme anymore
I'm just
I'm just coming
To realize that
Your legs are close
It's a good thing your mind was open

©2001 Audley A. Astwood All Rights Reserved.


Recent Singles:

"Ice Age" feat. Anthony Bovie

"I Swear" feat. Orane from Blakout

Debut CD to be released Summer 2006:

"Illegal Poet"

Set List

Illegal Poet's powerful & lively performance consists of original poems - from the wildly popular "Hip Hop 101" off his debut CD “Illegal Poet” to unrecorded crowd favorites like "I’m Half Human" – Illegal Poet easily keeps audiences on their toes, 30-45 minutes
at a time. Illegal Poet is available as a featured act or be a part of an ensemble cast of performers. Performance rates are negotiable.

Original poems may include:

"Can I enter you?"

"Ice age"

"Santa Ain’t coming to the ghetto"

"The band played on"

"Hip Hop 101"

"I’m half human"

"If Blacks weren’t over Whites"

"How much I love you"

"Give me your Rose"

"This is a revolution"