We're without a doubt one of the most entertaining live bands to watch. We're very passionate and it shows through our music and performance. We always please any type of crowd, no matter who's watching. And our songs are very catchy and well written.


Consisting of five blue collar guys from the Pittsburgh area, Ill Fated is sure to entertain. A very high energy, in your face rock style, and an excellent mix of covers, Ill Fated will not disappoint. Drawing their influence from bands such as, Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and the Black Crowes, Ill Fated’s originals are well written, very catchy tunes. With the covers and original material they play, Ill Fated can rock out for three hours, and be just as fresh and powerful at the end, as in the beginning. Ill Fated has a really good draw of great fans that they bring, but anyone that stops in will be sure to stick around for a good while. Always putting on a good show, and never letting an audience down, Ill Fated is a great pick to have play at your establishment.


Time (Ain't On My Side)

Written By: Jarrod, Paul, and Josh

Time (Ain’t On My Side)
Lyrics By
Jarrod Hillery, Paul Guerrini,
Music By
Jarrod Hillery and Josh Beck

Verse 1
I can’t rest, I can’t ease my mind. It’s like I’m choked by the hands of time.
This life’s a watch I’d like to unwind. Somethin’ come my way, come give a sign.
Cause everyday the sky fades to grey. If there’s something good it ain’t comin’ my way.
I’m down on my luck as if it’s not enough. I don’t have a hand and you have called my bluff.

Verse 2
Don’t know where to go and no one seems to know. And I’m thumbin’ my way down the endless road. Day turns to night and night turns to day. I walk on and on and no one’s goin’ my way.

Time, it ain’t on my side.
It’s like a time bomb and it’s tickin’ inside.
I gotta make up my mind before it’s gonna blow.
I wish I had a clue on which way to go.

Verse 3
I scream aloud and yet I hear no sound.
Life hurts worse when no one is around.
An aimless life I wonder it alone.
When I’m dead and gone, nothin’ good will be shown.

Verse 4
(Repeat first two lines of first verse)


Written By: Jarrod, Paul, and Josh

Verse 1
Been on this earth for years twenty five.
One point keeps being made everyday that I’m alive.
I pray and I try but I just cannot win.
I just want it all just to go away. I just want to give in.
Ain’t got no money, no cash have I earned.
When my paycheck gets here it’s already been burned.
It’s got it’s hands around my neck, it squeezes hard until I choke.
Can’t get out I’m drowning in life, I can’t wait until the day that I’m just broke

I am a failure. That’s what I seem to be.
No girl, no money, F-A-I-L-U-R-E.
Total disappointment, one giant let down.
My spirit is never up, my hopes beat to the ground.

Verse 2
I had the greatest girl, but she didn’t want me no more.
My heart is in her hand but my ass is out the door.
It hurts so damn bad this song could never describe.
How the hell can I still love her, when I’m dead and black inside?
I’ve learned a lesson, my life is just futile.
Since a girl don’t want me around, I got no reason to smile.
What’s the point in trying, why should I try to get ahead?
The only hope that I have left is tomorrow I might be dead.

Verse 3
(repeat chorus 3x and on the third repeat the line “one giant let down” is substituted for, I’m your, giant let down.)


Our debut release, "Can't Get There From Here" is now available online on our website, Cd Baby, and Digstation. We have streaming audio on Steel Valley Radio.

Set List

Much of this is covered in the Bio, however, we are always working on new original material. We cover the music that is near and dear to our hearts, true rock n' roll. We believe that even though we strive to be an original band, there's nothing wrong with covering a good tune.