Illicit is a band that mixes elements of modern metal riffing and melody, creating a unique sound that is rarely heard of. Creating brutal riffs that contrast well with beautiful melodies, Illicit creates an energizing experience for the listener.


The ‘Illicit’ members pride themselves in their work ethic, dedication and determination to achieve the highest potential. The currently line-up is made up of 5 boys ranging from 17-21 who come from a range of musical backgrounds and previous Brisbane bands. The currently line-up is quite fresh, but since its gigging commencement in early 2012, the band has not stopped. Putting their work ethic to use, the band has played on over 40 shows in 5 months, aiming to build an establishment further in the alternative scene. Releasing their highly anticipated EP 'Hollow Park' coming into the iTunes metal charts at number 3 only behind two of the biggest metal bands in recent times. 'Hollow Park' came in at 15 on the rock charts and 95 on the over all iTunes charts.

Illicit does not see themselves as a ‘local band’. They have set their goals higher than their counterpart Brisbane rivals, putting ‘deserved’ confidence in themselves to achieve the highest result. The band presents an energetic, full performance of unique Metal that has been missing from Brisbane’s Metal/Hardcore scene for a number of years.

With the future at their feet, Illicit will not be holding back as they inject themselves beyond the Brisbane scene and into Australia’s competitive Alternative market.



Written By: Illicit


One day gone, I’ll find the worth to breathe

A brand new start, is this my time to free

All my hope, when can I break through

And I'll find home under clouded skies

To my end, I’ll stand my ground to see

All my heart, won't cave in on defeat

Where the sun will rise and break through

Can I find these ghosts chasing me

One more fight, these black holes won't take me

And I'll fight for this truth and all my belief

One more time, I’ll fight for this dream tonight

And I'll fight for these visions of hope in sight

Spirits won't take me away (away)

Monsters destroyed this feeling inside

Heights won't pressure me now

I promise I'll stay strong

Two days gone, this wind has died on me

I feel lost, this sunrise failed to see

I was wrong, this one time I failed too

Will this be my falling through

To this day, I hide my trust and love

With the fear, I'll crumble oh so near

To the end, when can I strive through

Can I find these ghosts chasing me

I promise I’ll stay strong!

And today, I found where I should be

And I’ll take, my faith and what is me

And this time, I'll keep on keepin' on

I'll find strength under blinding lights


Demo April 2011

'Hollow Park' September 27th 2012

Set List

Autumn's Fall
If I was sinking...
Hollow Park