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Illicit Eve

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Band Rock Pop


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Illicit Eve @ Bedford Park

Streatham, London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

Streatham, London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

Illicit Eve @ The Aggi

Braunton, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

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Illicit Eve @ The Dolls House

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Arbitillery, Wales, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

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On an afternoon of introspection/contemplation following a date that to be blunt, failed to meet the dizzying heights of my fantasies... I lie on my freshly mowed lawn with the sun licking at my heels.... Music has been played and discarded as the fit is rather like that of the wicked step sister’s foot into Cinderella’s glass slipper – not right. Then along comes Illicit Eve and Into the Woods we go!

Into the Woods is the second album for Adelaide female rock duo Emily Smart (lead vocals and guitar) and Fliss Freeman (bass guitar and vocals) they are accompanied by a various back line drummers, and brass players. The album features an assortment of lyrically creative rock songs layered with ambient textures, mesmerising bass, rich with harmonies, roaring guitars, and unique arrangements.

I’m a big fan of female fronted rock and these two young women conjure up visions/sounds of a musical tapestry rich with sounds of a by gone era Suze DeMarchi (Baby Animals), Wendy James (Transvision Vamp) and a little of the new…..think The Veronicas on acid! Illicit Eve are energetic, saucy and spell binding!

Opening track The Sound contains the line “rather see a band than go to the cinema” I couldn’t agree more and this song is the perfect conveyer of that message, loud explosive and totally gripping. Shark Bait is a personal favourite with its poetic lyricism and funky soaring vibe. Next up the single They Don’t Make Boys Like They Used To is a pulsing rock song with a dirty, edgy melody. The remainder of the album is made up of an adventurous and imaginative assortment of songs conjuring up emotions through imaginative, melodic, edgy, grunge disco, reflective and sultry, pop infused rock songs. Last up Heavy Lung is a sensuous, beguiling heartfelt and fitting finale to an album of gutsy, feminine, fairy tale wonderment and skilled musicianship. -

These chicks from Adelaide know how to rock and how to rock hard... Like a cross between The Donnas, Sahara Hotnights and a rockier Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the girls have mastered the art of creating infectious riffs and seamless melodies... If this CD is anything to go by, a tour would launch these gals into a different league.

- Andrea Beattie - mxCitybeat Magazine (melb)

The hottest local rock duo to surface in recent years has to be the dynamic duo, Illicit Eve… Smart belts out her songs powerfully with a voice that is rich and sweet and Freeman’s harmonies complete a unique blend… As they say in their opening track, "The Sound", "this music is so addictive it'll rush through you"… Into the Woods should elicit an enthusiastic response that translates into a growing following, full houses and queues in record stores.

– Greg Elliott - Independent Weekly

"These girls are amazing. I’m blown away by these unbelievably talented voices. It literally gave me chills!”
John Epstein, Stretch the Skies (USA)

"Illicit Eve’s debut album Element 11 is not going to go out of style''
Art Zipman, Zip Records - San Francisco

"Illicit Eve’s star is certainly on the rise.''
Steve Jones, DB Magazine

"Music’s good and vocals are dead on… They have a great recipe for success.''
Vince Pawless, Pawless Guitars

"Element 11 combines explosive rock energy with melodic hooks.''
Elliana Brooks, Rip It Up Magazine

"One of Adelaide’s fastest-rising acts''
The Advertiser

"The trio is certainly versatile – with a really strong live sound''
The Messenger - various

Producing one of the best, most solid pop/rock releases to come out of Adelaide for quite some time, Illicit Eve have been rocking and recording to present their second album, ‘Into The Woods’. This album is full of big guitars, sultry vocals and intelligent song writing that welcomes Illicit Eve back from their 2005 debut ‘Element Eleven’. Emily Smart (lead vocals and guitar) and Fliss Freeman (bass guitar and vocals) are Illicit Eve, and what a stylish, modern rock duo they are.

Opening track, ‘The Sound’, starts with a spine-tingling guitar solo before breaking into mind numbing bass making the furious sound that is Illicit Eve. With catchy riffs throughout and a change to make any song, ‘The Sound’ is layered beautifully with plenty of guitars and biting vocals, making this one of the best songs on the album.

‘Shark Bait’ is full of groove, shiny lead guitar and gorgeous vocals (spiced up here and there with electric effects). This song is lyrically well written and vocally strong. What REALLY makes this song so strong and groovy is the big, funky bass walking all over the fretboard. A very powerful pop song indeed.

Next is their single, ‘They Don’t Make Boys Like They Used To’, and what a good choice it is. ‘They Don’t Make Boys…’ is a solid rock tune. Rich with a solid guitar riff, bass and drums humming over in the background, but more interestingly, overflowing with plush harmonies. A great example of both voices creating a unique and refreshing sound, ala ‘Sleater-Kinney’, which is quite a compliment.

The album’s title track ‘Into The Woods’ is packed with a great riff on multiple guitars (both clean and dirty), the bass is also very gripping, with tight drums and a chorus so striking to make ‘Into The Woods’ a haunting little number.

Again, with plenty to mix ‘Beautiful Creatures’ is a well mixed song. From the rhythmic guitar to the again, busy walking bass. But it’s the high pitched vocals with breathtaking lyrics to the slower beat that makes ‘Beautiful Creatures’ just a beautiful song and a contrasting cut compared to the rest of the album.

Back with grunge guitars is ‘Two Tired Hands’. Grand, rolling drums are accompanied with rock-solid bass holding up huge melodic harmonies. So prosperous with synchronisation, both relentless vocals again, making this song a big stand out.

The drums and guitar with opposing bass converge with edgy melodious lyrics making ‘11:11’ sound like a short disco song. With vocals whaling and hi-hats purring with the bassline and added samples, and a change so deep and drowning of any other pop tune on this album.

This time Fliss Freeman’s at vocals and with a lower velvety tone at that, she pulls off every cold verse and big chorus. Between the good samples used on this song, ‘The Coldest Winter’ has such an imaginative beat, with an ambient quality mixed with its industrial feel and icy lyrics.

The effect of reversed guitars begins ‘Shadows’. With demanding, pendulous guitars and intriguing bass all caught up in the continuing, overcoming drums to make this track another solid alternative-sounding composition with exceptionally well balanced vocals during the exhilarating choruses.

‘Into The Woods’ ends with the unearthly sounding ‘Heavy Lung’, with great use of samples and keys the song develops into an industrious, soulful, intelligent piece of music; to the beautifully recorded vocals with picturesque words and melody to suit to the big saxophone solo making ‘Heavy Lung’ a harmonious conclusion to the album.

And there it is, Illicit Eve, who over the years have been expanding creatively, intellectually and melodically. Dramatic, big rhythmic rock to delicate punch pop all in one makes ‘Into The Woods’ an album definitely worth listening to, and cements Illicit Eve as Adelaide’s premiere girl fronted band.

Reviewed by Dobbie Glasson
19th June 2008


Debut LP 'Element 11' (2005) featuring singles 'Forgiveness Is Free' and 'Ordinary Angel', 'Into The Woods' LP (2008) featuring singles 'They Don't Make Boys Like They Used To' and '11:11'.

INTO THE WOODS is in stores now through MGM Distribution and is currently receiving airplay nationally and internationally.



Imagine standing alone on the edge of a dark forest. Above you beams a full glistening moon in the clear night sky, behind you lurks a wall of snarling amplifiers as fierce as a pack of wolves. In front of you…well, that’s something you’ll have to discover when you step INTO THE WOODS…

Witness, two remarkable blondes - Emily Smart and Fliss Freeman - creating one big sound. Together they lead a fashionable and enterprising band of gifted musicians, combining dexterity on their instruments with a unique blend of vocal harmony. The result is an enthralling sound and explosive live performance that quickly engages an audience.
Illicit Eve is sure to delight both rock and pop fans alike.

Since releasing their debut album to Australian audiences in 2005 and a follow up album in 2008, Illicit Eve has been featured on national radio and television stations, performed numerous Australian tours, and shared stages with Aussie icons Diesel and Richard Clapton, as well as Evermore and Wolf & Cub.

When Illicit Eve is in full flight with its mix of powerful rock and edgy pop, the show is electric, the music adventurous and the result imaginative. Illicit Eve is a versatile and energetic live act who command attention.

Illicit Eve sound like a mixture of Veruca Salt, The Clouds and The Veronicas on acid! With vocals reminiscent of Suze DeMarchi (Baby Animals) or Wendy James (Transvision Vamp), they conjur up sounds of a by gone era with an imaginative and volatile edge.

Armed with two albums worth of lyrically creative rock songs layered with rich female harmonies, roaring guitars and mind-blowing bass, Illicit Eve is set to bring its infectious brand of music to the international stages.

In June 2009, Illicit Eve embark on a 17 date ‘Into The Woods’ tour of Great Britain.


Jack Strom / Theodore Nicola
Big Rock Productions
PO Box 63, Caulfield South
VIC 3162, Australia
mob. +61 418 311 158