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He is a 19 year old musician from Toronto who, in addition to owning his own label, writes and produces his own brand of hip hop. His club-oriented beats are comparable to the Neptunes, while his humorous rhyme style is influenced by Eminem. His style is clean, business-like, but with an edge...


Right now, hip hop is in a state of confusion. The music that started in the ghettos as an artistic reaction to oppression has evolved into the most popular and most lucrative form of popular music in the world. Because of this, the art form has been bastardized by some of America’s most money hungry corporations, and raped of its innocence. Now the public is forced to listen to the uninspired, cookie-cutter sounds of corporate America.

Enter Illistic.

“They wanna know why I wear the suit”, says Illistic, or ‘Illi’ as he likes to be called, referring to the fact that he does his performances in business-like attire. “It’s because I’m taking it upon myself to bring a level of professionalism to hip hop culture and lead the next generation into a new era, with an elevated mind state and self-image; trying to encourage more creative hip hop music.” Heroic words, coming from a 19-year-old rapper/producer from Toronto, Ontario, whose song catalogue includes titles like “No Ugly Girls” and “No Ugly Girls Pt II”.

“I’m not tryna say that I’m perfect”, Illi says, smiling. “My rhymes can be a little sexist, even egotistical sometimes. But those thoughts are equally as valid as my songs about interracial relationships, or about my feelings towards my father, which I write about as well. In reality, they’re all musical representations of real emotions, and that's what is missing from hip hop right now.”

One would assume that a young man with aspirations to single-handedly change a culture would produce music for the ‘underground’ hip hop scene, but Illi’s radio-friendly tunes beg to differ. “You can ‘call it what you want’ but at the end of the day, I still want people to dance”, Illi explains. "I’m tryna prove you don't have to be ‘gangsta’ to be cool. You can use music to say how you really feel as a human being and still be the man-- and make it a club banger at the same time. It's possible, watch me.”

Growing up listening to up-tempo, club-based hip hop and soul, Illi’s music is a reflection of just that. His upcoming, self-produced album, entitled “Call It What U Want”, is sure to be an instant classic. Being released under Illi’s own Upstage Entertainment, the 6-year long project has finally been completed and will be available in the summer of 2007. “All I want is for the next generation of hip hop artists to stop trying to be what the media tells them is cool, and just be themselves on the mic. So I decided to lead by example”.

In his music, Illi combines his own tight production with his creative, humorous lyrics and a contagious flow, and the outcome is nothing short of beautiful. At only 19 years of age with over 100 songs under his belt and hours of experience on stage, this young workaholic is ready to take the music industry by storm. Currently a student at Trebas Institute studying audio engineering and recorded music production, he is constantly expanding his knowledge and taking his music to the next level. With his unwavering passion for music, in combination with his unparalleled drive to succeed, and shier musical talent, only the sky is the limit for Illistic.


Comin from the Heart

Written By: D. Walker

I aint even fiendin for a dolla
Now I’m only fiendin’ for Rihanna
Seen her on da TV now I want her
Guess I’m gonna wish upon a genie in a bottle
Meet me in Toronto
That’s what Imma tell her
Happen, it'll never
Not unless I get my friggin ass on Roc-a-fella
And for that my chances really aren’t better
Not because I’m not the best or cuz I’m not developed but
It’s cuz I’m representin’ Canada
Just for that they do not want me all up in the camera
Na, nigga, not unless my name was Pamela
Anderson- they wont even listen if I hand this in
And now they got Illistic sayin ‘man this isn’t
What I pictured of the music business, I imagined it
Was somethin else yo’,
It got me feelin like I’m on the 12th floor and bout to jump yo

I got somethin’ on my chest
Gotta get it off, for real, niggas this comin from the heart
I know that you can feel it when I talk
I know that you can hear it in the song

I’m gettin tired of this ridin’ on this motherfuckin’ bus, nigga, I am up at 5 am
I’m gettin kina pissed cuz my time aint spent
With a bitch n her tits makin her vibrate them
It’s kinda funny but I’m bein real real now
I’m real ill how, come I’m still here now
I’m writin this shit like I’m lyrically cryin
And then when I can recite it its like I can let a tear down
I’m thinkin’ over my career now
I don’t wanna disappear like Wierd Al
When I’m famous Imma make it so u hear bout
Everything I’m makin every single friggin year, wow
But I don’t wanna jynx it though, so
I won’t even tell you what I picture, yo
But when Illistic blows, I aint never gonna risk fallin off
I aint Mystical, nah

What u know about...
Cold showers, no hot water
No home cuz your old hood got shot up
No love even when you flows got hotter
Still no deal, no money n no father
But that’s a whole ‘nother story, yo
I’m tryna set a good example for little Tory, yo
At the same time, rhyme so I can tour and so
I can take a plane flyin’ from Toronto to Borneo
Really I would like to chill at home wit some Oreos
Put some porno on and then jus look at the horny hoes
But you see me workin’ my ass off, I’m tryna prove
All of these mans wrong by makin’ a sad song
I risk it all for this
So when it pays off all I gotta do is just accept the compliments
Maybe I aint really meant for collages,
So when u see me lookin’ stressed its all cuz...


The One Right Now (feat. Vypa)

Written By: D. Walker, T. Guy

As soon as I get a deal, we gon’ take a little ride to the mall
And buy you a diamond that’s, umm, ‘bout the size a ya arm
Just tell me the kind that you want, I would buy u them all
‘Cause really you aint got a value at all, you’re so priceless
They might guess from the size a ya bra
That when you be tryin’ them on, I’ll be prying them off, but nope
Girl, you know I’m only dyin’ to talk to ya, even though your body’s a God-
Sent gift to me, I don’t wanna be a naughty Dujon, but you’re
Givin' me thoughts that are probably wrong
Your body’s been callin’ me hard
Even when I’m writing a song or when I’m chillin’ with Omari Dejonge, but yo
Just to be with you I gotta be strong ‘cause there’s a
Lotta retards tryna holla regardless
If you’re my property or not, ‘cause baby you’re hot
And your the reason I’m a wanna-be star

Now who’s gonna love you like me
Gonna touch you like me, you’re the one that I need

You turn my whole world upside down
I don’t know if your the one but your the one right now

Now you need to confide in me
Let my love set you free, you see it’s that easy, girl

You turn my whole world upside down
I don’t know if your the one but your the one right now

I know you told me u don’t
Need a lot as long as u got me
All I need is you and a couple a hot beats
So when I blow up, there wont b nothin’ to stop me
From keepin’ you flossing, you know you Dujon's queen
When I’m with you I’m never sayin’ the wrong things
Imma be the one to show what hitting it raw means
You don’t give a shit if I’m spitting or talking
And you would be with me in a whip or I’m walking
Your different from all g's, keep me motivated like sippin’ a coffee
I couldn’t see me livin’ without we
Even though there’s niggas who doubt me
But you know I'm gonna be the biggest thing out for real
But it aint the only reason you got me
Me and you together's a strong team, a miniature army
I’m lovin’ every minute you’re on me
Now Vypa, won't you sing me da song? Jeez, come on!


I can’t believe shorty’s by my side
Me and her together, we be takin’ a ride
I can’t believe shorty’s by my side
Me and her together, we be lookin’ so fly
I can’t believe shorty’s by my side
Me and her together, Imma give it a try
I can’t believe shorty’s by my side
‘Cause she’s hot, she rock, she got me locked

I think of you when I be ridin on da bus, or da train
But you trust we’ll flyin on a plane in a month
Or maybe it could take me a lifetime
To have you in a nice ride, up in da right side
I feel bad dat we always on my side
If I had cash I would give you da hype life but
Til then let me give you da bike ride and
Show you dat you mean everything in my eyesight


Hell Yeah Yeah!

Written By: D. Walker

We was on da block wit a forty
same clique, me, P-Clipse, Dean, Corey
Super D's in a clean whip wit a shorty
while we puff spliffs, green make g's horny
when I come through kids scream ‘he’s Tory’ (nope!)
That’s mini me, he says he’s sorry
that he can’t be can’t be here but he’s like three years
younger than me yet he's re-cording
You what I rep, yup, yup that’s Upstage
“What the heck is upstage?”, is what sluts say
They use to tell me that I never had enough cake
Now they wanna touch like they heard I got my nuts shaved
Either way, all you need to know is
The dude who makes the beats is da nigga you hear flowin’
Now turn it up at least til you feelin’ your hair blowin’
And I just wanna hear everybody in here goin’…

Hell yeah yeah, hell yeah yeah yeah
Its about time to end a couple careers
Hell yeah yeah, hell yeah yeah yeah
Everybody here say hell yeah yeah, say
Hell yeah yeah, hell yeah yeah yeah
Upstage, yup, this is our year, say
Hell yeah yeah, hell yeah yeah yeah
Hell ye- ye- yeah, ye- ye- yeah, ye- ye- yeah, yeah!

They say I’m hot, I’d say I’m rather humid
They way I rhyme, they say that I just can’t be human
Ladies wanna screw him so the haters wanna boo him
Cuz I got the flu n spit insane amounts of fluid
I jus can’t help starin’ in da mirror
Lookin’ at the shit that makes the sad girls cheer up
Reppin’ Upstage, yup messin’ your career up
In a couple days we’ll be takin’ over Europe
But that’s another topic, back on to the object
I’m just tryna get a little fatter in da pockets dammit
So really does it matter what I’m talkin’?
I could spit you crap on the track, you’ll still be flockin’
To the racks just to pocket my raps, just to gossip
Steppin’ on your grandmother’s backs, just to cop it?
Cuz I could spit you garbage and I’m still gon’ be the hottest
And this is me bein’ modest, I’m really jus bein’ honest



"Upstage Mixtape Vol. 1" - 2003; Independant
"Call It What U Want" - Summer 2007; Upstage Ent.

Set List

The set consists of 4 songs:
"Upstage Lounge (4:00)";
"Hell Yeah Yeah" (2:35);
"The One Right Now" (3:20); and
"Comin From the Heart (3:35)", approx. 14 mins in total.