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"The Gent$ "Suppertime""

This is a new joint from the new goup THE GENT$ called “Supper Time.” The group features Pugs Atomz (Chi), Wes Restless (Chi) and Ill Legit (New Jersey) who also produced the beat. The album will be released October 21, 2008 on Enohes Music. This is part two (The hunger to overcome).
Chicago is in the building!
The Gent$ - “Suppertime”

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- Se7en Thirty

"The Gent$ [free album]"

The Gent$ (Pugs Atomz, Wes Restless, & Ill Legit) present 13 cuts of solid Chicago Hop, with production from Maker and the Opus.


Track List:
1.Gent$ intro
2.Heard it before
3.It’s The Gents
4.Right on time
5.Getting Late
6.Carried Away
9.Days go on
10.Gent$ outro
12.Only when I dream
13.Days Go On (Dub Mix)

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"Look Out Cornballs"

A few rap artists in the Midwest (that you can probably name in your sleep) have garnered media attention around here for a while, but underneath those commercially leading artists is a cult-like underground of flat lids and secret loft parties. Ill Legit is a self-taught musician, writer, rapper, producer, music businessman and who-knows-what-else that has performed along side artists such as Slum Village, The Pharcyde, Sadat X, GLC, Pugslee Atomz, The Cool Kids, Kidz in the Hall, DJ Phantom and the legendary Buddy Guy. You might not know who he is yet, but I can tell you that a few people in London do.
Last night he performed at a Liar’s Loft Party, hosted by Big Bang DJs Avi Sic and Select Inverse. Companion Scud One lit the room up with his intense concentration while Ill Legit refused to stop wiggling his way through each song, attacking the mic like a high school lunch room rap battle. The highlight of the evening might have been when he stopped his set mid-way to tell the clustered crowd, “Yo, I love my shit!”
I found him selling burnt Cd’s out the pocket and then giving the money away to a homeless man on the street. That’s the kind of man he is, and this is the interview he emailed me.
CreamTeam: What projects are you working on at the moment?
Ill Legit: My life is project. I seem to always be working on a million things at
once. But actually, I just finished an album with The Gents (me, Pugs
Atomz, Wes Restless) that’ll be released digitally and I’m constantly
working on music with Drunken Monkeee, Scud One and Love Jones. I got
some up and coming secret producers that are killing shit right now.
CT: You said that “My music is distinguished by the variety of
musical genres that most artists overlook.” Can you explain some of that for
me? Like which genres, artists, where you see yourself, etc.
IL: I just dip into that realm of music that isn’t “popular.” I was heavy
into bossa-nova sampling when I first started producing beats in 2002
and I hadn’t heard anyone doing that. Astrud Gilberto is one of my
favorite artists. I wasn’t trying to be different, I just was. I was
listening to musicals and swing, trying to incorporate those elements
in hip-hop. I’m still trying.
CT: Alot of magazines are saying that Midwest hip-hop is whats now, it’s not
Atlanta or Texas anymore, it’s Midwest, any thoughts on that?
IL: It’s very true. You can clearly see whose running things as far as
style and music right now. Ever since I got to Chicago it’s been the
center of attention. I watched a lot of cats come up. I’ve had my ear
so close to street I can tell you whose next. But I’ll leave that up
to you to decide.
CT: You are not originally from Chicago, does that change your perception on the
city as opposed to people who have always been here?
IL: All I know is a lot of people feel like you have to leave this city to
“get on.” And most of those people think heading east is the way.
Some feel like its west. I’m from Jersey and I love Chicago. I figure
I’m gonna try and make it here.
CT: Anything happen in 2008 you excited about?
IL: I’m excited for 2008 to be over because I got a premonition about 2009
and it’s looking real ugly for these cornballs.
CT: You ready for a Chicago winter?
IL: That wind brings out the beast in me. So I say bring it on.
CT: Any local Chicago artists you really admire but maybe other people don’t know
IL: Green Llama, Blah Blah Blah, Dj Issues, Drunken Monkeee, Bijou, Scud One, Love Jones, Slot-A, Wes Restless, C4, The Great Mundane, The Heaven 70s, Scottfree.
CT: Who are the british dudes on the “Lookout” track? (ps great production on
IL: That’s my dude Dabbla. He’s just fucking ridiculous lyrically. That’s all
I have to say. I love the U.K. and their music. He’s the best I’ve
heard yet. Lookout for whats next.
e z,
The featured track is an Ill Legit / Wes Restless collaboration, released to the public for the first time here on



October 2008: Pugs Atomz presents: The Gent$ (free download)

2008 Presents Brilliant Mixtape Vol 1: Hope of Chicago featuring "Hate Me Too"

2008 "Illa Noize" played on 107.5 WGCI's Go Ill Radio by Timbuk2.

2008 "The Prescription" executive produced by Ill Legit



One of the most relatable personas on hip-hop's agenda, Ill Legit is slated to make an impact off his unparalleled beats and passionate lyrics. Growing up on the East Coast and finding influence in every musician from Nas to Al Green, Ill Legit began writing music at age 13. While teaching himself to play the bass, electric guitar, drums, and keyboard he eventually became a triple threat by making his own beats, writing and recording his original music. With plans to hone his raw talents and pursue his musical aspirations, Ill Legit relocated to Chicago and quickly developed a large fan base. He has performed along side artists such as The Roots, Gym Class Heroes, Estelle, Redman & Method Man, Slum Village, The Pharcyde, Sadat X, GLC, Pugslee Atomz, The Cool Kids, Kidz in the Hall, and the legendary Buddy Guy.