Illogy is to music what a collage is to art. It has a point, but only if you want it to. It is essentially electronic, but is not confined to that genre. It makes much use of loops and drum samples, but all of the melodic material is original.


What is a life? What is the purpose of a biography? Is it to give some meaning to one's life (or one's music)? Illogy makes no claim to meaning, or to a life. Illogy simply is what it is. Its meaning is its ontology. The music of Illogy is not performable, and hence, there need not be any conception of Illogy as a person, or as a band or as a living thing in general. Illogy is a concept, the definition of which is amended with each new piece of music. It is a reflection on the current state of music and culture, but it is not defined by it. It seeks to define itself, by its existence purely as music. Perhaps this makes no sense, but that is why it is Illogy.


Plastic Pits and Laser Beams (2007)

Set List

N/A (The music cannot be performed live)