Ill P
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Ill P

Land O' Lakes, Florida, United States

Land O' Lakes, Florida, United States
Band Hip Hop Gospel


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2006 Searchin 4 Peace Mixtape
2007 Enemy Of Tha State
2008 Lay It On Tha Line
2009 Book Of THUGS



Nathan Ball (ILL P) was born Dec. 2 1984 in Tampa, FL. I was raised in Land O’ Lakes with my younger sister Rachel. I have 2 adopted brothers Jeremy (Damien) and Travis (Baby T). I was raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ at the young age of 9. However, when I turned 13 I turned away from the righteous path and began walking in the world. I was attracted to the “thug” life and began spending a lot of time in St. Pete and also in the ghettos in Tampa with my friend Ajay who turned me on to drug dealing and hustling. During that time I also began writing rap lyrics and freestyling about ghetto life. The attraction to money over powered my mind and soon that was all I really cared about. I was arrested when I was 13 for a bomb threat I made to the school and again at age 17 and 18 for drug possession. When I was 16 I got a reality check about the thug life. Ajay and another one of my friends was murdered in Atlanta. I took this really hard and was more of a train wreck than before. I joined a gang and continued hustling and fighting. I didn’t really care if I lived or died and I also didn’t see what kind of affect my life had on my parents. At age 17 me and my older brother Jeremy moved into our own apartment and things got even worse. We were selling drugs now out of our apartment and partying and getting high or drunk every night. I also met my wife that year. A few months after my 18th birthday a lot of things started going wrong. Police were watching our apartment constantly and a lot of drama within our clique and with other cliques in the area. I moved back in with my parents in April of 2003 with my wife. I began to realize the direction my life was heading. We got married in July of that year and come October we found out that my wife was pregnant. At the time I was working with 2 friends of mine under moniker Smak-A-Trak Records. In June, one month before my daughter was born I gave my life back to Jesus Christ. I had done so many bad things in my life I wanted to change for my daughter’s sake. I did not want her growing up with out a father because I was honestly scared that if I didn’t change what had happened to Ajay would happen to me. In July of 2004 I started doing Christian rap music and making a lot of changes in my life. I am now 23 years old and proud to say I am grounded in my faith and walking the right path with God. He has blessed my music so much. He has let me record 2 albums now I have ministered with artists such as Rawservant, Verbs, Legacy, Urban D, Craig Nice, and many others . I look forward to continuing my growth as a Christian and as a man and hope that my music ministry continues to grow and reach more and more people.

Thank you and God Bless You