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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Pop


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"Rappers On A Mission"

Hip hop music may have a bad rap in some circles, but two Kelowna musicians are attempting to dump the "gansta" image in favour of a more pious persona.
Earnest Hutchinson and Ryan Robak, also Knowna as ill profhetz, are a pair of rappers on a mission to "unrap" negative stereotypes.
"Rappers certainly have a bad name." admitted Hutchinson, 29, whose stage name is Rhymes Divine. "It's nothing but negativity. They're trying to be gangsters and pimps. We're trying to somehow get rid of that negativity vibe."
Hutchinson, a recent born-again Christian, said that Ill Profhetz is "creating a positive yet still street credible brand of hip hop that is pleasing to the Lord."
"Our passion is God and that's what we're trying to get across."
Hutchinson and Robak, 25, who is also known as Altar Ego, hooked up in December of 2003 and in Hutchinson's words, embarked on a mission to save the face of our genre from the negative stereotype that has haunted rap artists for decades."
While attending a concert at Willow Park Church, ill profhetz was approached with the opportunity to open for Winnipeg's Fresh I.E. a Grammy and Juno nominated gospel rapper. One thing led to another, and last month ill profhetz and Fresh I.E. collaborated on a CD that was recorded at PromiseLand Studio in Winnipeg.
The release of that CD, entitled 2 Sides to a Story, will be celebated Friday at Willow Park Church on Highway 33 at 6:45 p.m. a Vernon artist named A-City and another group from Penticton called SupRnatra will also be featured.
Hutchinson said songs were written by him and Ryan, with Fresh I.E. Also Contributing.
"It's amazing," Hutchinson said. "We were very happy with the result."
He said they are hoping to sell 3,000 copies, which would qualify them for a possible record deal with sony.
Hutchinson a carpenter's apprentice, and Robak, who sells telephone service, both have musical aspirations, but ultimately would both like to become ministers.
"Our faith is God is what makes this all possible," Hutchinson said. "We are driven by the scripture and make every attempt to share the gospel with our listeners."
They recently did an outreach concert in Morden, Man., with the Family Life Network, performing with artists like Jon Buller and Amanda Falk. They have also been invited to perform at the annual Avalanche Youth Conference that takes place at New Life Church in Kelowna and are planning an East Coast tour with Fresh I.E.

By Terry Edwards - Event Magazine


2 Sides to a Story-"Lost Ones" and "Better Days" both getting Radio play in California. 2005

An ILL Experience-a dvd of a live show that was intimately filmed at a small youth group in Westbank 2006

Still Got it-"Still Got It" was included on the 2007 Okanagan Music Awards Compilation Album.



ILL PROFHETZ take time through out their set to share with the croud how God is real in their lives and how he single handedly brought the group together. The show is as lively as they come including stage antics and banter that leaves the audience feeling like they've known the team for years. Influenced mostly by mainstream hip hop they end up using what they've learned and flipping it into a positive state.