iLL Rhyme Sayers

iLL Rhyme Sayers

 Newark, New Jersey, USA
BandHip HopR&B


1.our influence comes from jayz. hes the real reason we started rapping. we witnessed how he took himself and his brand to the next level and we admired him for a long time also were influence by the pioneers who paved the way for us to be here today. alot of youth forget where it all startred

2.we think what sets us apart is consistency alot of these other acts seem to dissolve or dissapare after a major record or project but not us.
we see that as another stepping stone because we know we have to raise the bar for the next one we never downgrade our sound even when facing the pressures of a succesful project or song
we know how to do our job and we know how to consistently deliver quality music

3.when i started taking rap as a serious career in @Polanxx say's: 2007 i wanted something to reperesent me something ideal. i didn't want to be down with someone elses movement i wanted to start my own so i began thinking of clever names i was stuck on the acronyms irs i did not know what the words meant but i chose irs because what does the united states irs do? take your money which is the exact same thing we plan to do. the only difference is i will give you quality music in exchange shortly after me starting irs i met a friend who would later become ceo of this brand in @DaRealExtraAmmo. we plan to hit the east coast hard im talking shows cds tour we also have clothing coming soon irs iLL Rhyme Sayers everything!!!


@polanxx: have released 6 mixtapes! also 2 collab mixtapes one with @DaRealExtraAmmo: which is the irs mixtape and one with av hooked on ebonixx
@polanxx released ill rhyme sayers vol.1 ( the clandestine )
Hell Is My Address
Rise Of The Rebel
Polanxx Ill Rhyme Sayers Vol.2 ( The Anniversary )
@polanxx & @DaRealExtraAmmo did there first mixtape as a group Get Money Or Get Left Out On Rite Now & @polanxx just Released His Solo Album Mixtape called " ill rhyme sayer"

well we recently drop a single Called "Movin On Up" in stores now on iTunes Amazon Rhapsody & ETC. also on iTunes & Amazon we do have the Ringtone far as in Radio
not yet but we currently have tracks being reviewed by a few stations