ill Starred Captain

ill Starred Captain

 Scarborough, Western Australia, AUS

"Overseas, we seem to be perceived as more of a garage rock'n'roll band, whereas in Australia the more folkish elements of what we do seem to come through to people"says Scott. The truth is that our music encompasses many different influences; we love everything frome the Saints and the Stooges through to the trad folk bands like Planxty and the Bothy band. "We also include elements of Indian and African music, so by the time you mix all that together and blend it with a love of raw blues and Jo


Ill Starred Captain are a dynamic two piece band hailing from a remote corner of the South Australian coast known as Port Lincoln, "who have, in their ten years of existence, utterly transcended both their humble indie origins and the accepted limitaions of what a drummer & singer / guitarist can sound like". Scott Bassham (guitar & vocals) and Justin Francis (drum kit) have spent the last ten years on the road honing their sound and gathering a passionate fanbase around Australia and the world and with the release of their "Black Swan Eye' album are set to break into the international music conciousness in a big way

The Ill Starred Captain sound is often described by the band themselves as a "folk/punk/surfedelic hybrid" but in actuality it goes well beyond easy categorization, with strong threads of blues, roots, funk and sheer rock n roll power - grooves running through the mix. Ill Starred Captain live shows are legendary, with the band performing 150 wild hearted action packed gigs a year. They are fast becoming a major draw card as a live act, filling the dance floor with pounding rhythms and soaring melodies.

Ill Starred Captain's first album "Yeh-Nah" was released to widespread critical acclaim in 2005 and saw the band tour Australia, Ireland & the U.K., sharing stages with greats such as, The Waifs, Ed Kuepper ( The Saint & Laughing Clowns) Steve Kilbey (The Church), Grinspoon, Ash Grunwald and Mammal to name a few. "Yeh-Nah" was one of a select few Australian albums to be archived by A.R.I.A. (Australian Recording Industry Association) in 2005 and was voted one of the top five releases off that year in the Adelaide's Advertiser critics awards. One of the album tracks, "Trouble" was also included on U.K.label, Ejector Seat Music, 2005 compilation c.d and was a highlight of that otherwise all - British collection.

Ill Starred Captain have recieved solid airplay and screenings of their film clips from around the world, with live to air sets on stations as diverse as Three D radio in Adelaide, B.B.C. radio Northern Ireland as well as airplay on NOVA FM and Triple J in Australia, a trend set to develope and increase with the release of their second album, "Black Swan Eye" this year. Ill Starred Captain's music has been influenced by and compared to such greats as "The Saints", Johnny Cash, The Go-Betweens and Led Zeppelin, among many others, with U.K. online magazine, "God is in the T.V.", declaring that "Ill Starred Captain is what happens when the White Stripes start sounding like the White album - era Beatles".

Their passion for dynamic and exciting, original music, their sense of humour and natural Aussie exhuberance will undoubtedly carry Ill Starred Captain from strength to strength in 2011 and beyond. It's good to know that in this age of instant, prefabricated stardom, that they are out there somewhere, travelling down a dark desert road, creating music that is thrilling, beautiful and as real as it gets.

Future activities for ill Starred Captain include, a nine month Australian tour to hand deliver Black Swan Eye to all media and fans, an appearance at Adelaide's West End, Fuse Festival showcase in February 2011, the release of four video clips and pre production for their next album, Kings of the Last Minute.

Cheers and we hope you enjoy the music

Justin Francis & Scott Bassham


Bottlegreen Sky E.P. 2001 Seawitch Music
Yeh - Nah L.P. 2005 Seawitch Music
Black Swan Eye L.P. 2010 Seawitch Music