You ever heard of a quartet of girls that can sing accapella? Fact is, there ain't that many showin' that ability except for Destiny's Child. These girls make it a point to sound just as good singin' whether it be their own material or a cover without accompaniment.


I'm sure you're wondering what ''illumeci'' means exactly, well don't bother lookin' it up. But what it means for them, is not bein afraid to write about certain subjects that aren't ''often enough'' written about. ''illumeci'' broken down, illuminate and see, or in other words, to shed light. I'll tell u somethin', there's no ''Fluff'' here. The four of them have gone through similar and very different expiriences, They put all of that into their music.


Im Leavin'

Written By: illumeci & Greg L Teague

Im Leaving

Do you really think I`m happy
Don`t act like like you don`t know I`m not
It`s funny how I`m getting` gifts prior to you not showing up
Always telling me something came up, and
Why is it you always held up
Don`t give me that you gotta go, Don`t

I know you think you got me
But let me tell you something B
I`m about ready to freak`n go
Don`t even think of stoppin` me
I ain`t tryin`to hear it, no
The situation`s flippin`over
I ain`t happy that`s what`s up
Is what I`m saying picking up

Break down
And you betsta` believe it yo
Believe it yo
I`m leaving you (2x)

How is it you`re never happy
When I tell you what I feel
It`s funny how you shy away right when I`m about to get real
(It`s so simple)
All I ever wanted from you is to make a connection
(You don`t say it but I know you`re thinking that)
Throwin`money at a problem hopin` it`l go away


I said I`m leavin`
And there`s nothing you can do about it
Don`t really wanna hear about it
It`s time to go n I shoulda left long time ago
If you`dve been here
Maybe there could`ve been somethin` to do about it
But you`re not even here
To stand in my way n beg me to stay
But your pleadin` ain`t effective from miles away

I won`t be
Sorry I left you
Cause baby I`m not the one
Who decided to let it go
Remember that you`re the one
Who made it possible
Gave me a reason
And now I`m
Ready to take off
Won`t be no next time
So have a good one
But just know
Love ain`t just sometimes
Love ain`t just part time
Still got a lot to learn
About me

Fantasy (interlude)

Written By: illumeci & Greg L Teague


I know that in me
You`ll never see
The woman of your dreams
But that`s ok
As long as I can dream
That maybe some day
Somehow with me you`ll be
As far as my thoughts may take me
With you I`d rather be
A girl can dream can`t she
In you my fantasy