illumina is a collective of seven like-minded people and all of their friends. They have an alligator xylophone. They make bookmarks with glitter. They love you and hope you'll love them back. Otherwise, they'll be sad and will write songs about you. So there.


illumina extends melodies in subtle, almost fragile ways, embellishing a modern sound with flourishes of
romantic or even victorian sounding elements. illumina differs from other beatles/beach boys influenced artists, such as sparklehorse, beulah and neutral milk hotel, in their sense of the delicate. illumina architect's melodies and surrounds and supports them with noises from the quiet and subtle (handclaps, toy xylophones, finger cymbals) to the bombastic and overt (timpani, cello, distorted guitar.) With a solid melody at its foundation an illumina composition is built in layers and stripped away to explore the relationship between silence and noise. The songs on nightlight will wake you up from the sleep it has just lulled you into.

illumina's seven members recorded their debut record, nightlight, at strange weather, the band's home studio, over six months with the help of eight other musicians including guitar and bass players, a horn trio and an upright bassist. The record was mixed at studio g with tony maimone (pere ubu, they might be giants, lucinda williams, frank black) and joel hamilton (sparklehorse, ani difranco, propaghandi.)

The band was formed when Goodman and Appel met as undergraduates in New York City and grew as they found like minded musicians to craft the layers and intricacies that define illumina's songs.


Nightlight - 2004 - Puffed Wheat Records (Self Released)

Set List

30-45 minutes of various new material/material from the record. No covers