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"ILLUMNTR: “You Are Overgrown” (Live at The Church of All Nations)"

After Nathaniel posted Conveyor’s “Mukraker” the other day we became alerted to the other side of the split they’re doing with another BKYN newcomer ILLUMNTR (Illuminator, they seem to go by both). “Mukraker” on one side and ILLUMNTR’s “Gulf Hymn” on the other. We aren’t featuring that here today (hit up yvynyl to hear it) — not that it’s not a good track, but what I found particularly blow-away (in all various ways that word can be interpreted) is the live version of “You Are Overgrown”, recorded in mid-August at NYC’s Church of All Nations. I can’t recommend this enough.

I usually avoid live albums — most bands don’t do things differently enough to make up for the imperfect mixing, recording, and performance. And I especially avoid live albums from bands I haven’t heard before — they don’t have the money for professional live recording, I don’t know the songs, and they aren’t exactly gonna gel with each other like E Street. But this? This blew me away.

This has fantastic production, performance, mixing, orchestration, energy and interplay. It sounds unlike 99% of what’s around today but still mixes stylistic, or performant influences well: Sufjan’s orchestration, Arcade Fire’s energy, Broken Social Scene’s stage presence and cooperation, My Morning Jacket’s pipes. They call their style “electro-orchestral psychedelic gospel showtunes” and that actually does it justice — although, to be fair, I’m sure nothing does them justice besides going to their shows.

Long story short? MUST. SEE. THIS. BAND. LIVE.

I’m told their second LP is on the way. Can’t f%$&ing wait. - I Guess I'm Floating

"ILLUMNTR - Gulf Hymn"

All over this fresh post-R&B jam from BK (tho they call it “electro orchestral psychedelic gospel showtunes”. Just weird enough to perk yr ears, but full of the kind of honey-sweet vocals you’d love to drizzle all over your lover’s naked body before delicately licking it off inch by luscious inch.

Gotta get it on the 7” split wax b/w the rad Conveyor single I previously covered. - yvynyl

"Deli CD of the Month: Illuminator "Answer Voice the Child""

Illuminator and their debut album "Answer Voice the Child" (released in January) confirm our suspicions that NYC bands with a mellow sound currently have an edge in terms of originality over rocking/shredding ones. This guitarless up and coming Brooklyn group often sounds like a crazier but also more laid back version of french duo Air, with some added psych/experimental influences reminiscent of artists ranging from Pink Floyd to Grizzly Bear and Dirty Projector. Their soulful melodies also bring to mind early TV on the Radio. In "Hey Crazy (Cough)" and "You Are Overgrown" - two of our favorite songs - electronic percussions, often distorted, introduce an interesting industrial element, but are confined to the background, while sweeping, heavily effected vocals take center stage.
The ancient Greeks thought that at night you could hear the music of the universe while staring at the stars. Nobody ever heard that music, but if it existed it would sound very much like this record. Cosmic. - You can see Illuminator live at the Church For All Nations (417 West 57th St, NY) on August 13 with Teletextile. - The Deli Magazine NYC


Jan. 2011: Answer Voice the Child (LP)

August 2011: Live at Church (LP)

Jan 2012: Gulf Hymn (single from forthcoming LP)

February 2012: Rorschach Mucus Butterfly remixed by Nicolas Jaar's Darkside bandmate Dave Harrington

April 2012: Gulf Hymn sampled on Gramatik's "Born Ready" (from #digitalfreedom EP)

July 2012: Tangled With Bear (single from forthcoming LP)



ILLUMNTR is a Brooklyn, NY quintet located in musical territory that one might just as soon describe as "deep-space gospel," as, perhaps, "post-RnB," or "psychedelic/electronic pop."

Originally the solo project of Bryn Austin Bellomy intended to establish an outlet for his inner cyborg-Beyoncé, the group now comprises members of ARMS, Black Gold, Friend Roulette, Frances, and Other Factors.

ILLUMNTR has been remixed and sampled by internationally respected producers including hip-hop/dubstep visionary Gramatik and Nicolas Jaar's acclaimed Darkside project.