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Illusions Fate

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
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"Double Door: Illusions Fate - Feb 16, 2011 – Mix of pain & pleasure, reach for your ankles!"

Walking through the snowy streets and awaiting this new band I didn’t know what to expect but hoping for a cheap beer but not a cheap thrill. After an array of bands that offered some form or another of a pre-packaged already done classic, emo, or something in between “metal” is when Illusions Fate took the stage.
Creating this band on Halloween of the opening feast of the saints & spirits is only one element this band gives to surprise. From start to finish the three piece band was a nonstop energy ball of archaic fire. Head to Toe filled with adornments of black, chains, piercings, sweat, and lust.
Not only a night of the full moon, but also their second to last show before the major plans of a Midwest Tour to spread their recent album “The Ghost of Maya.” A concept album, filled with biblical references and representing themes of suicide, addictions, and other morbid thoughts that plague preaching a sense of sarcastic attitude of the death of chivalry. The singer/lead guitarist Joel has full grip of the audience from each breathe, turn, and grasp. The demeanor; tight jeans, vein popping vocals, head moshing dreads, guitar humping and reaching to the sky creates a visual presentation of the freedom of his pain. One influential singer that would be ideal comparison is Marilyn Manson. His dark comrade Ken, as behind the drums gives the depth, darkness, and crucial points to balance the riffs and shredding of Joel. Dressed to Kill and Seduce, fish nets, collar, and sticks; showing great use of dynamics, thrashing, expressing great change over’s and suspense. The wide stage of Double Door was excellent in the show lights of the intensity, presence, and overall energy of the band.
Sounds: From the detailed lyrics to the high energy and tribal tone this would be a twist of alternative/nu metal, example of old school KORN and Tool.
With the volume of shredding yet clear guitar playing, smooth and profound lyrics, with a raw yet tribal sound gives them the basis to reach a wide spread of fans: Meaning one who listens to metal but doesn’t consider oneself as a “metal head” can appreciate and become a loyal fan of this band. Take a listen and enter the path of the mixture between pain and pleasure in this heart throbbing album “The Ghost of Maya” by Illusions Fate. - Harmony With Thy Staff

"Tim King from SOiL reviews Illusions Fate!"

"I really like the vocal style of that dying anthem song. It has a bit of a throw back to an 80's
style but with a modern feel. That is a strength for the band. You guys have some great ideas
in the songs. Others that stood out were space wanderer, stain, #'s, and angels of slaves."

-Tim King of SOiL - Illusions Fate

"The Ghost of Maya album review"


Illusions Fate is exactly the kind of group for which, at Musiczine, we feel a deep respect. As it is often the case among artists who mark their generation, this American band, based in Chicago, does not care a lot about trend and imposes their own style; no compromise whatsoever. "The Ghost Of Maya" the bands debut album is timely to close the big mouth of those who claim that in metal everything has already been done and that it is impossible to innovate.
Do not get us wrong. We will not say that Illusions Fate is a revolutionary band. We are in known land with a structure based on vocals, guitars, bass and drums. It is rather in the unexpected mixture of music genres that the band marginalizes its style. No need for them to explore “exotic” music genres such as classical, funk or folk. No, the band finds their inspiration is in the many forms of Metal and modern American rock. Merging Grunge with Death Metal, Blues with Industrial or Nu Metal with Gothic Rock to develop a unique dark and metallic kind of rock is IF's creed.
Therefore, it is a true Chinese head case for the humble writer of these lines to compare the music of Illusions Fate to that of another band. Is that an organic version of Marylin Manson? An Alice In Chains Metalcore declination? Or perhaps a Staind-like band who would have tasted to the dark side of the force? Yes. Illusions Fate, is all this at a time and much much more. Rock, dark, metal, alternative, unique in its kind. No need to make a drawing, you will have understood that "The Ghost Of Maya" is an emotionally rich, strong and varied record- violent and subtle both - where Illusions Fate explores the darker aspects of humanity.
This self produced album, will be available as early as 14 February 2010 through the MySpace page of the band and also on legal downloading platforms such as itunes on April 1st. Highly recommended to all those who are not afraid to explore the far side of their personality.

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"Performance review-2/9/10 @ The Cubby Bear in Chicago,IL"

Illusions Fate rocked the Cubby Bear to their head-banging screamo/industrial rock sound. This raw rock music mixed with hardcore guitar riffs had the audience feeling the angst and frustration off the lyrics. It was no illusion how this trio blasted this reviewer's ears as much industrial rock as they possibly could handle. SouthSide enjoyed the sudden riff changes going from one spectrum to the next before returing to the original rhythm. Don't be surprised to see Illusions tearing up the stage when they feel that energetic vibe. Performing the first single off their upcoming CD, SouthSide heard a touch of Marilyn Manson-esque rock sound about being evil. This song had her head banging to the haunting guitar rhythms and hard screamin' angst. She also suggests listening to the ballad, "The Dying Anthem" and the trippy industrial space sound of "Space Wanderer". This brief sample of Illusions Fate's music wasn't enough for this reviewer and she plans a full review of this band again soon. Illusions' CD, The Ghost of Maya, should be out on April 1st - no foolin' [either] says the band. In the meantime, visit or for more information.

link to the review: - South Side on the Town (


The Ghost of Maya: Debut Album available NOW on iTunes, Amazon and ALL other online music stores!



Illusions Fate, Chicago's most dynamic Alt/Metal triad, rose from the ashes of disbanded forces on Halloween of 2006, immediately releasing a 3 song demo and playing small gigs in and around the Windy City.

Since their formation, IF has accomplished much greater feats, packing some of Chicagolands top venues such as The Double Door and The Pearl Room, and opening for top national acts such as Mushroomhead, Michale Graves, Egypt Central, Genuflect, Stonerider, and more.

During such shows, the band has captivated and stolen audiences by notoriously having one of the most animated, passionate, and raunchy live performances Chicago's Rock or Metal scene has to offer.

Illusions Fate draws it's inspiration from some of the most influential Industrial, Alternative, Rock and Metal acts of the past and present, anywhere from Black Sabbath to Marilyn Manson, Lamb of God to Alice in Chains, and many more around and in between.

The song writing is inspired by a spectrum of darkness, discomfort and rage. From love/hate relationships to S&M fantasies, systematic world corruption and childhood confusion. These deepest darkest human emotions are therapeutically released through the music which the band creates.

The debut album from Illusions Fate, entitled The Ghost of Maya, has received radio play on hundreds of college FM and Rock FM stations across the United States and Canada, and will proceed to scar the nation as the band embarks on their first wave of US tour dates in late 2011.