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Illy Sounds

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Illy Sounds is three hip-hop warriors on a mission to stay true to the old school since 1982. They have come up as streetcorner-hardened battle rhymers and brought the ethic to the studio and the stage.


Illy Sounds is a hip-hop trio from Fall River, Massachusetts, composed of Ryan A., rapper and producer; Impakct, rapper; and J.S.A., rapper and DJ. For nearly a quarter of a century they have been committed to producing and performing material of the highest purity and impact. Equally skilled performing freestyle off the top of their heads and performing written and improvised material for studio recording, party crowds, and concert audiences, they have maintained their old-school roots and dedication as technology has grown and public taste has evolved.

Illy Sounds or individual members are available for performance or production regionally (New England/New York) at any time and nationally or worldwide on reasonable notice.


Emergency Tactics - Ryan A - full-length CD early 2007
Emergency Demo Cuts - Ryan A - promotional EP 2002
The Benefits of Lounging - Ryan A - full-length CD 2002
efhue - Impakct - full-length CD 2002
SHUT UP! It's Free - Illy Sounds - promotional EP 2001
On the Corner - Impakct - cassette
Past Due - Ryan A - cassette
All releases on Illy Sounds record label