ILLY WONKA of Ace Dynasty

ILLY WONKA of Ace Dynasty

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The future is here. Illy Wonka delivers that “Food for thought Feel good music”. With a cutting edge approach and striking productions, he's surfacing the underground and emerging through mainstream audiences. This new young artist is ready to take it to that next level.


Homegrown out of Seattle, Washington (USA) (206)where I was born & bred along-side a strong musical upbringing with my family heavy into writing, singing, & playing instruments in Churches and Night Clubs. My Dad played & toured with such acts as Stevie Wonder, The Rolling Stones, & Kenny G. My family often traveled city to city/state to state performing live at other churches & events. I’m proud I was raised with the Love, Fear, & knowledge of God. I'm of multi-cultural decent & I'm using Hip Hop to uplift & empower all people regardless of their race, religion, color, or beliefs. I consider myself one of the chosen voices called to speak life into the ears & hearts of the listeners. I present the realities of life in a constructive form & fashion, only to provide solutions to the situation’s we face today. Call me a "rebel with a cause" for going against the traditional grain and doing the opposite of what most people think Hip Hop/Rap, is all about & stands for. See I stand for challenging the system, the streets, the church, the media, & our morals, in a society that is plagued with violence, drugs, sex, hate, & greed. I’m set on pushing the game forward & staying consistent in sharing my motion picture type stories for the world to feel.

Now on my 23rd year of life, I'm bringing a brand new excitement to the game, something refreshing & innovative with a popular sound but still strait original. I'm focused on keeping my music cutting edge, original, street credited, appealing & powerful. I'm also a well rounded & seasoned producer/writer, I started writing songs around 12 years old. I’m so dedicated to creating the best works of art, striving for perfection is a must for me. And by no means was my lifestyle ever perfect because of my upbringing. I endured the storms & suffered from mistakes countless times head up before learning through trial & error while I was heavy in the streets and world. I'm sharing my "fight" with everybody by taking them on a personal past & present expedition from adolescents to young adult hood. As well as dealing with the harsh reality’s of life (violence, sex, crime, death, poverty, health, incarcerations, etc). I'm a leader by example, & I'm holding the torch for my fellow AD Fam incarcerated (Stevel Bay Bay, Boog-y, & Yo Majasty). With our other 3 members of Ace Dynasty (Willie Will, Jazz Digga, & Jay Bleezy) holding the fort with me, we've been motivated & loyal in supporting our fellow AD counterparts. With a determined drive to succeed & faith to move mountains, Illy's a force to be reckoned with. Having a mass appealing sound and persona, ILLY WONKA's sure to capture underground & mainstream audiences worldwide. "With God with me, who can be against me? Hey look, the future's here.... Check for me now". (1LOVE)


The Motto

Written By: Illy Wonka Produced by: Mugzy Styles

This is a tribute to the streets, to the church. I'm focusing on all aspects of life. I'm leading people to make the right choices in life. This is a very personal song to me. This is one of those "make you cry songs".
I'm telling how I quit all the sinfull living & I'm not gonna smoke my dream away by doing things of the world that lead to destruction.
Enforcing the born alone, die alone motto, putting it all on you and nobody else to do what's right.

I'm Like (1/2 Man 1/2 Amazing)

Written By: Illy Wonka/Stevel Bay Bay) Produced by: Illy Wonka

This is a street banger for the saved & unsaved. This song has been one of the most impactfull songs on the album. Written by my partner in ryhme who is currently serving time in the Pen. He's turned his life around & God is blessing him with songs galore. He sends them to me to record to get the word out. This song is the encourager for temptation. Amen.

Wonk! Wonk!

Written By: Illy Wonka Produced by: Mugzy Styles & Illy Wonka

Wonk! Wonk!, the Anthem!
This is a party anthem. A have fun banger sure to get the crowd involved.


Ace Dynasty/Willie Will have been selected to be on the Holy Hip Hop (taking the Gospel to the streets vol.3) Compilation Cd to be distributed worldwide through EMI Gospel.

He’s performed 2 years in a row at the Annual “Holy Hip Hop Awards” at the Earthlink Arena in Atlanta, GA 2004 & 2005.

He’s opened up for National Artist’s such as Petey Pablo, Devin the Dude, Gospel Gangstaz, Kelli Williams, Grits, Fred Hammond, Spice 1, Do or Die, Bushwick Bill, & T- Bone who co- starred in the movie & soundtrack “The Fighting Temptations” staring Cuba Gooding, Jr. & Beyonce Knowels in 2004.

ILLY WONKA performed with 3 Time Dove Award Winner, and Grammy nominee, Bryan Duncan & the Nehosoul Band at the Rhythm Kitchen in Downtown Nashville, TN in 2005.

He’s also casting in a roll for an independent Seattle film as himself (ILLY WONKA). He begins shooting the film in the summer of 2005. This is a Hip Hop Drama titled, "Cultivated". Cultivatedflix Productions L.L.C in 2005.

He’s done acting work as an extra for a CBS TV series filmed in Seattle, WA called “The Fugitive” in 2000.

He’s appeared on local Public Access T.V doing interviews & live performances in King County, Pierce County, & Kitsap County in the state of Washington, broadcasting to over 500,000 viewers in each county from 2002- 2005.

ILLY WONKA’s receiving radio airplay from KUBE 93.3 fm (Seattle, WA), KRIZ 1420am (Seattle, WA), WDTR 90.9 fm (Southfield, MI), KPRZ 1210 am (San Diego, CA), WFHB fm (Bloomington, IN), WAJC fm (Raleigh, NC), Power 750 am (Raleigh, NC), & WFSK 88.1 fm (Nashville, TN).

Set List

1. Church- Word of Life Church (Lynnwood, WA)

2. Pastors- Greg & Renee Wood

3. Ministerial Statement- My sole purpose & mission is to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ strait to the streets in a non- traditional approach. Illy Wonka breaths Life, Hope, & Love to this lost generation. "I'm reaching out to the people who may have never considered Jesus Christ as their Lord & Saviour, & present his Love in a way youth of this generation can grasp in a real way. Being of multi-cultural decent, I want to be the connection to all races, all people. I'm the title a "Sheep in Wolves clothing", bringing it right to the bottom of the barrel, the gutter, & planting a seed of possitive change & spiritual growth to every listener through my ministry of Hip Hop Music through the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit In Jesus name, Amen.

4.Word of Life Church: (425) 775-LIFE