ilo mar

ilo mar

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Ilo Mar weaves in and out of folk and experimental sound, sometimes cooing, sometimes wailing, always handing herself over to the audience with brutal hypnotic force. Ilo Mar is sparse, haunting, and raw.


Ilo Mar is a solo project of songwriter Vanessa Micale. The project began in Los Angeles in 2008 when she and avant-garde drummer Ted Brynes recorded her album 'dream chasing life.' Vanessa returned to solo performance upon completion of the album and since that time has been performing with her loop pedal and sunburnt guitar as steady companions. She toured with Emily Lacy on the east coast from New York down through the south in the summer of 2009. Upon returning from tour, she recorded a song at Sunset Sound produced by Camilo Otero, and engineered by Chris Claypool. This song was accompanied by a music video made by HF (Haydee Franco and Aaron Guice).
The song was recently aired on Javeriana Estereo 91.9 FM, in Bogota, Colombia. She has played shows in Los Angeles at Echo Curio, Pehrspace, the Smell, the Echo, Spaceland, Synchronicity, and more. Ilo Mar was recently invited to perform at Seattle's Hollowearth Radio Carousel DIY Fest 2010.


Dream Chasing Life- 2008
I know where to go- 2009
Shining Oak Blue- 2010