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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Ambient


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1951 @ The Piston

Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Toronto, Ontario, CAN

1951 @ The Windsor Beer Exchange

Windsor, Ontario, CAN

Windsor, Ontario, CAN

1951 @ Rum Runners

London, Ontario, CAN

London, Ontario, CAN



Friends, I have been following Toronto-based band, 1951, for quite some time. Comprised of Mike Tudisco, Dan Hosh, Mario Da Silva and Kevin Dennison, 1951 is positioned to soon become the band to catapult into the Canadian music scene with a vengeance. This is the new band to be watching right now- with some pretty incredible recordings under their belt and an entertaining live show, this band has reimagined itself into a sound and a presence that is going to take the music scene by storm and shows no signs of stopping. Check out one of my favourite tunes, “Elvis” here:

1951 just released their newest EP “New Doors” a few months ago and Tunes for Tea was one of the first outlets to review their hit single “Storyteller”. Check out the article HERE.

This Saturday, 1951 teamed up with bands DB Cooper, Lee Baby Sims & Holy Roller to put on an evening of music and drinks at Handlebar in the ever-hip Kensington market in Toronto. Rolling in with a few of my friends and snuggling up in a little booth, it was the laid-back evening I had been hoping for- the opportunity to catch up over beers with a few friends with the line up of bands providing the soundtrack.

The atmosphere of the venue is an important element to how a show ends up playing out, in my opinion, and Toronto is home to both some of the best and some of the hardest venues to play. A lot of energy for musicians is derived from their crowd, particularly if the crowd is responding well to their music or not. What we hate to hear, as musicians, is finishing a song to an audience who is so wrapped up in conversation, their drinks etc. that they haven’t even noticed that the song has ended (or perhaps even if the music was live or not). Now, Handlebar has a reputation as a live music venue with a pretty kick-ass cocktail menu and so the crowd at Handlebar tends to be both laid-back and pretty well receiving of the music even if they aren’t necessarily getting up from their seats to get their dance on. And they’ve got Watermelon Wheat Ale on tap so even if Saturday was chilly as a motherfucker, we could still bask in the glory that is summertime inspired ale and the company of good friends. - Tunes for Tea (Daily Music Paired With Tea)

It's a brand new day for 1951.

The Toronto-based band, originally from Cambridge and named for the year the term "rock and roll" was coined, saw half their lineup leave shortly after releasing their debut EP The Light That Went Away in 2011.

Since then, the addition of vocalist Mario Da Silva and guitarist Kevin Dennison has given new life to the band co-founded by producer and bassist Dan Hosh and drummer Mike Tudisco.

Shortly after the two new members were recruited, in 2013 the group relocated to Toronto to write what would become their second EP, New Doors, released this week.

Like their debut, the indie rock band's latest release was recorded at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton, where Hosh recently became part-owner. Hosh, who co-produced the album with Justin Helle, said the experience recording New Doors was much different than the group's previous effort.

"I think with the first EP, everyone was a little green and a little new to everything, myself included, and I think that everything felt a little reserved. Not everyone was willing to sort of go all the way into that recording process. With New Doors, we got two new members, so it was a bit of a different dynamic. I think that when we did New Doors, it felt easier in every way to do it. Everyone was much more willing to explore new ideas and go down that road," he said.

The new lineup has changed everything for the band, Hosh said.

"The dynamic's very different, the way we handle our business is very different," he said. "It's one hundred per cent a new band."

Though a name change was considered after the initial lineup switch, Hosh said he wanted to make sure there was some kind of continuity between the band's first and second records.

"We talked about changing the name, but there were still two constant members in the band and I'm very proud of The Light That Went Away and I wanted to keep moving with that brand, and so it has worked out well for us," he said.

That said, losing half of their members shortly after releasing their debut album meant that any momentum the group had been building was quickly shut down.

"It stopped us for a good two years before we started writing New Doors, which was a little bit unfortunate but I think we're back on track now," said Hosh.

The collective decision to move the band to Toronto was made with their careers in mind, though the relocation has had an unintended benefit for the group in their hometown.

"At the time, it seemed to make more sense. There were a lot more opportunities to play," said Hosh of the move.

"In Cambridge, we were playing a lot of the same places a lot. And the irony is that we now have a pretty good following in Cambridge, and that's sort of where our core market is right now."

Things are looking up for the band elsewhere as well, with a series of one-off shows planned for southern Ontario this fall and an East Coast tour in the works for early November.

Hosh said the band wrote around 15 songs for New Doors, with five — including first single Storyteller — ultimately making the cut.

"We were always planning to release an EP first, and we didn't record all of the songs that we had written. A lot of them sort of got lost in the process or we realized that, as the songs started getting hammered out, some of the earlier stuff that we'd written maybe wasn't fitting as well as we were hoping it would, so it was an easy decision in the end for what songs were going to go on New Doors."

Recording for the album started in January and was finished recently, though Hosh has already lost track of just how much work went into making New Doors.

"It was a lot of late nights, a lot of late nights. I don't even know how many hours we put in at this point," he said. - Waterloo Region Record

Get ready to have your mind BLOWN! Toronto-based band, 1951 has just released their first single from their upcoming EP “New Doors” and I can’t stop replaying it over and over again. If you are ready for a band that’s about to explode onto the scene, you want to get your hands on some 1951 tune-age and FAST!

Why 1951, you ask? 1951 is the year that the term “rock and roll” was coined. Although it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact song or record that could be classified as “rock and roll” the term was used widely in the United Stated in the early 1950′s, partially due to the use of the phrase by disc-jockey Alan Freed who broadcast from Cleveland. However, this is neither here, nor there. What is being celebrated is music, and the birth of a name for a genre that was being created at the time.

Much like the evolution of rock and roll in the early 1950s, 1951 (pronounced ‘nineteen fifty one’) is exploring an evolution of genre of their own in the present musical pool of style and presence. Self-described as disguised-pop, 1951 presents to us in their live shows an interesting mix of indie-rock, alternative and downright catchy music supported by a definite pop-structure. It is serious music, and their live show is tight. This is a show you definitely want to see, and you will expect to find the same on “New Doors” (set to be released in August 2014).

“Storyteller” is the first single off of “New Doors” the second EP put out by the band, but the first EP in their new configuration- recorded at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton, ON and produced by Justin Helle. Originally a studio project founded by producer (and bassist) Dan Hosh and songwriter (and drummer) Mike Tudisco, the band has expanded to include guitarist Kevin Dennison and Mario Da Silva who brings the group together with his incredible lead vocals that catch and waver in all of the right places and bring an intensity to the lyrics that sends the songwriting to the next level.

The first release by 1951 was “The Light That Went Away” [2011] and the years between the two releases show. While the first record is a beautiful recording unto itself, 1951 has grown into an entirely different beast- and I like it! With their sophomore release, the band has found a sound that has more depth and a definite radio quality that paired with their energetic live show is going to take them places! In 2013, all four band members moved in together to write and grow together as artists, and that living-situation has definitely paid-off on this record. If all of the tracks are as well-produced and imaginative as “Storyteller” this band will be poised to take off. - Tunes For Tea (Daily Music Paired With Tea)

A quick introduction: The year the term “rock and roll” was coined. 1951 (pronounced “Nineteen Fifty One”) was initially started as a studio project by producer Dan Hosh & songwriter Mike Tudisco. With the release of 2011′s “The Light That Went Away,” the band quickly began touring across Southern Ontario, winning over audiences with their own brand of atmospheric indie rock. When the band took a hiatus to work on their sophomore release, 1951 enlisted Mario Da Silva (Lead Vocals) and Kevin Dennison (Guitar) to edge out a fresh perspective on their new record. In 2013, all four members of the group re-located to Toronto, Ontario to put more focus on the band. “The best and worst part about 1951 is that every member of the band is a songwriter,” recounts Hosh. “We always have a daunting mountain of songs waiting for us. Living together allowed us to write songs more efficiently.” 1951 is slated to release their second EP titled “New Doors” June 2014.

What got you into music? The aesthetic of being in a band was the coolest thing in the world growing up. I think we were all drawn to the counter culture of local bands. Naturally, as you progress you realize being in a band and loading gear at 3am every night is not very sexy at all. At a certain point, you’re really doing it because you love it.

What are your sources of inspiration? All four members of the band grew up in Cambridge, Ontario where going to local shows and listening to new music was all we did. No doubt, we aspire to be as prolific as some of our favourite artists, but we draw inspiration from our present moments, already told pasts and thoughts about where we are going. The honesty is there, and we only hope that it becomes relatable to anyone who lends an ear.

Dream gig? The chance to share the stage with any of your favourite artists is something you always dream of.

Your thoughts on Canadian Music Week? CMW is quite an interesting take on the festival idea. No camping in a field (Woo!) – But what you do get is an opportunity to explore Toronto and all that it has to offer – into the very early hours of the morning. This is our second time performing at the festival, and we love CMW.

Interesting points others don’t know about you? We live in a house together in Toronto. Mario never does the dishes. - The Arts Guild (TAG)

1951 have come out and debuted with the album "The Light that Went Away." This album shows a band who as doing indie rock on the softer side. These guys have a light airy feel to them and can appeal to a wide range of people. The band has done a good job writing the lyrics and music on all 6 songs here, so give them a listen and see if you like what they are about. - Ontario Rock

In 1951 radio host Alan Freed used the phrase “Rock and Roll” to describe the rhythm, blues, and country music he began airing that year. Mike Tudisco described the sound of the band 1951 as “sexy Indie music,” and it is, indeed.
1951 has created a unique musical collaboration, a cohesive blend of each artist’s specialties combining into a sound like no other. www.1951band.com is the site for a free download of 1951’s first EP “The Light that Went Away,” six solid tracks showcasing the band’s well-honed talents firsthand. Mike joins brothers Dan and Sam Dick, along with Dan Hosh, to create a smooth sounding debut album, with more on the way.
It’s a unique blend of modern soft rock, edgy Indie, and melodic romance that combines to make a sound as unique and distinct as the men in the band. It feels focused toward a younger, feminine demographic. Then again, I’m an old fart; you have to make up your own mind how it sounds. Still, it’s tight, wonderfully performed, and solid music.
Over the past 5 years the members of 1951 have wrote, rehearsed, and ultimately defined their subtly sensual flavour of music, and it’s only the beginning. The tracks of their debut album include I’m a Liar, The Nights I Slept Alone, Diamonds, I Fell In Love, The Quietest Place On Earth, Now And Then, the titles themselves bear a hint of the energetic yet easy-listening aspect of the music itself.
The band’s hectic schedule of rehearsing 3-4 times a week, combined with live shows, and the fact each member attends university in different cities keeps them scrambling, but it means their time together is focused and productive, and it shows in their music.
After getting their university commitments completed, “we’ll have more time for live shows, especially festivals,“ Mike says about the bands near future, “more time for performing, and our songwriting.” With their next album some songs are down on tracks already, and “we’re looking forward to getting the rest done soon.”
To see them perform live you can stay on top of 1951’s event schedule through social media, at youtube.com/ilove1951, as well as their own site, 1951band.com - Cambridge Citizen


New Doors (2014)
1. Sixes & Sevens
2. Storyteller
3. Elvis
4. Young Habits
5. Fear

The Light That Went Away
1. I'm A Liar
2. The Night I Slept Alone
3. Diamonds
4. I Fell In Love
5. The Quietest Place On Earth
6. Now and Then



The year the term "rock and roll" was coined. 1951 (pronounced "Nineteen Fifty One") was initially started as a studio project by producer Dan Hosh & songwriter Mike Tudisco. With the release of "The Light That Went Away" (2011) the band quickly began touring across Southern Ontario, winning over audiences with their own brand of atmospheric indie rock. 

When the band took a hiatus to work on their sophomore release, 1951 enlisted Mario Da Silva (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and Kevin Dennison (Guitar) to edge out a fresh perspective on their new record. In 2013, all four members of the group re-located to Toronto, Ontario to put more focus on the band. "The best and worst part about 1951 is that every member of the band is a songwriter," recounts Hosh. "We always have a daunting mountain of songs waiting for us. Living together allowed us to write songs more efficiently."

1951 is currently touring their latest EP "New Doors" (2014) recorded at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton ON.

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