Huddersfield, England, GBR

Fan comments:

"Emotionally involving post-rock that makes it hard to do anything other than stand still and listen."

"Hits right at the heart both musically and emotionally, engaging performances, truth on stage not any of this fake performance. Real."


ilovecolour are a sextet made up of graduate music technology students. They have been playing together for just over a year and are currently in the stages of recording their first EP.

The music takes influence from alternative bands such as Colour Revolt, Anathallo and Bon Iver. The band uses a wide variety of instruments such as brass sections, multiple floor toms and synthesizers to give the audience not only a good visual experience but also an interesting full body of sound.

ilovecolour have already played gigs in Manchester, Huddersfield and Leeds but we are looking to play further afield over the spring and summer to increase our fan base. As well as writing and recording music we also have graphic designers working on creating album art and videos to help keep the bands social networks active and up to date.

We hope you enjoy our music as much as we have enjoyed creating it.





Written By: ilovecolour

I see you from the top of this tree, I know who's cart you ride with,
Built with all those hands, but you said you'd stay with me.
Yet you turn and smile, with the truth from your lips,
As you slide touching his skin, and I'm left with all these thoughts.

His bones on your flesh, and it's all from my head,
As he crawled up your neck, your thought's hurt like sticks and stones.

I see you saw I fell from the top of my tree, those words you said seemed to catch my feet. So I bruised and I peeled my skin right off as the horses collide.
Why was it so easy to forgive yourself, and not forgive me for talking with my hands, I planted a see but no ocean water is worth this wait.

His bones on your flesh, and it's all from my head,
as he crawled up your neck, your they hurt like sticks and stones.
His bones on your flesh, and it's all from my head
as his spider legs they crawled up your neck, they crawled up your neck.

Oh God, Oh Lord, her they hurt my chest, they hurt my chest.


The Wolf EP

Set List

Lahn River
Picket Fence
Mountains Like Shoulders
Ogenki desu ka