I Love Math

I Love Math


Group comprised of The Apples in Stereo drummer (and Deathray Davies lead), The Old 97's drummer, the Paper Chase drummer, and Andy Lester. But it sounds nothing like there's 3 drummers in a band. It sounds like the Kinks and the Shins and Fountains of Wayne, a good Saturday... or so we are told


CMJ review of "getting to the point is beside it"

I LOVE MATH: Getting To The Point Is Beside It
May 27, 2008
By Eric Davidson

This is the second, swaying slab from this super side-group. Drowzy, subtle slide, a fuzzy keyboard, honey-dripping guitar and singer John Dufilho's just-south-of-happy style are the main sneakers that kick an Apples In Stereo core down a dusky road on this humble set of nimble, college-town pop. "Run Back Inside," "Josephine Street" and "The Shape Of The Sum" skiffle along on mid-period Beatles hums and handclaps. Elsewhere things go from hum to whisper, but each song carries more hook heft than should be expected from stuff probably recorded in between trips to the new Whole Foods down the road to stock up for the cookout that weekend. "This Is Something I Might Miss" is a nearly perfect pop song, or at least the most aptly named song of the year, as you'll miss its instantly heart-tugging melody as soon as it ends. It's one of those tunes that you swear you've heard before... and since I Love Math does feature members of Old 97's, Deathray Davies, the Paper Chase and Apples In Stereo, maybe you have. Imagine those bands' most sunny pop moments, but now imagine them as if they'd been recorded like they're trying to sneak in the session in a basement so as not to wake up the wife and kids upstairs. It's got that post-party years vibe to it, but maybe not if the party is a fine, friendly, September sun-setting, back porch, mid-priced Vintner's Blend-tipping get-together.


I Love Math - 2006
Getting To tHe Point Is Beside It - 2008