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London, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Electronic Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Tastemaker"

In Japan, a 'netsuke' is a traditional miniature sculpture attached to a kimono to hold personal belongings. The only comparison to be drawn with the Sydney-raised trio, now based in London, is the idea of solidity. Like the strong wood of the sculpture, Netsuke's tune is a sturdy wall of sound, pierced only by Freya and Elias' charming voices. The group's sound is comparable to Animal Collective, had they been raised in Iceland listening to Björk every day. Heliotrope succeeds in being an experimental piece with an anthem heart. A bit like floating through a stream of bubbles, the single is both fresh and elegant. Had Skins been set in the 2010s, the track could perfectly illustrate a sort of blurry sunset scene. Or equally a stroll through the forest smoking grass. - Music Week

"Heliotrope Premiere (Clash)"

Netsuke were born in Sydney, but came together in London.

A trio with enormously diverse influences, the group have a knack for deeply atmospheric pop music. Supporting the likes of Gold Panda along the way, the three piece have slowly, steadily developed their own, highly idiosyncratic sound.

New single 'Heliotrope' will be released on April 13th, all dizzying pop hooks, angelic vocals and shattered electronics. Released via Illustrated Records, you can tune in below:

Netsuke are set to launch the single with a show at London venue Power Lunches on April 13th. - Clash

"Heliotrope Premiere (Konbini)"

The sun is finally shining and you’re getting over the stinking cold that had made a near permanent home in your sinuses. What does this call for? An optimistically lo-fi electronic pop song to welcome in the new season. Here, we give you just that.

The Sydney-raised and London-based trio Netsuke came together last year, after solid stints in former bands supporting the likes of Gold Panda and Junip, and are now realising their innovative sound with the premiere of their debut single ‘Heliotrope‘ on Illustrated Records. Citing inspiration from Bjork and Animal Collective, the single reaches dizzying pop heights and intricate electronic soundscapes, with an abundance of ethereal atmosphere.

Their single launch will be held at Power Lunches in the capital, aligning with the single-release date, on 13th April, which can be expected to be quite the cinematic, audio-visual experience. Netsuke’s live performances feature the captivating alliance of Danny Keig and siblings Freya and Elias Berkhout, who onstage provide a harmonic force ready to take you on a unique enriching electronica journey. This year will also see the release of two more singles leading to their debut album release in 2016.

See Netsuke headline their single launch at Power Lunches in London on April 13th. - Konbini

"Heliotrope Single Review"

'London trio Netsuke announce themselves as the latest act to try the synth-addled pop approach to songwriting, leaving you giddy.'

Pinch yourself and you’ll take note of the six years that have passed since Animal Collective released their seminal album Merriweather Post Pavillion. Six years. London trio Netsuke have allowed themselves no such indulgence, as they demonstrate to expert pop effect on Heliotrope.

Opening with a clattering of atmospherics and then drawing in delicious vocal harmonies, the song could have been made by the aforesaid Baltimore collective. A humming synth gives you something to dig your hips into, before a well placed instrumental segment takes the edge off affairs. Heliotrope then slowly reels back its big pop charm before rolling into the ambience of its beginning. It closes by bringing the ridiculously catchy chorus to an abrupt close, giving the sense that Netsuke have told an genius anti-joke and left you wishing you’d guessed their punchline before it was revealed.

It’s not surprise that a trio who have supported Gold Panda would have such affection for distinctive synth-pop. What does surprise, though, is the confidence with which they wear their influences, as their brazen approach allows them to become their own act and create a track that’ll have you both sentimental and giddy for the future – with the band’s album out next year.

Verdict: Delicious and distinctive synth-pop - Songwriting Magazine

"Heliotrope Video Premiere (BEAT)"

Australian trio Netsuke were all born in Sydney, splitting from their respective bands Freya, Elias and Danny came together for a bit of a rebirth in London forming Netsuke. They specialise in atmospheric pop with serious harmonies and shattered electronics – there’s definitely something kind of organic and serene to their sound even at its most jarring – and have already supported the likes of Gold Panda. Their debut single is Heliotrope, released in April via Illustrated Records, they’re finally getting around to releasing the video.
The band really aren’t in any hurry at all, since they’re playing it cool releasing three singles in 2015 while they work up to the release of their debut album in 2016, so patience is the name of the game if you’re a Netsuke fan. Take a first look at Heliotrope‘s tripping in the outback video and then give the ‘Nostalgia’ playlist they put together for us a spin. - BEAT

"PREMIERE: Netsuke 'Heliotrope' (Official Video)"

After supporting electronic big wigs like Gold Panda, the ever so talented trio behind Netsuke, Freya, Elias and Danny give us an eccentric, pop sound that is gloriously textured. Animated pop hooks, angelic vocals and bursting electronic tones make up ‘Heliotrope’. A track that is the ultimate example how a group of artists can dedicate themselves to playing with sound and making it their own.

Originally from Sydney, these guys combine crunchy, industrial breaks with melodic guitars and emphatic male/female vocals to create pop-electro that is both dizzy and harmonious. - Purple Sneakers

"New Music: Netsuke"

Get ready for a big slice of electronic pop dropping on April 13th from Australian trio Netsuke. Based in London, Danny Keig and siblings Freya and Elias Berkhout are a new outfit formed from previous award-winning bands from Sydney Australia. ‘Heliotrope’ is their debut single coming out on Illustrated Records and if it’s anything to go by, we’re in for a treat. ‘Heliotrope’ is an intricate pop piece that swirls in and out of a vibrant layers accompanied by upbeat harmonising vocals. The Blend of electronic sounds coupled with played instruments gives it a perfect live sound that flows well and stops it from being a synthetic experience. Make a note, Netsuke: follow early. - Backseat Mafia

"Heliotrope Music Video"

Debut single ‘Heliotrope’ is an utterly enchanting affair, blending dizzy lo-fi with pop hooks; a unique brand of uplifting electronica with a defining innocence. It sounds different, but not so foreign that it’s impossible to understand, and once you are comfortable with it, you can let it unleash its steady power upon your mind. The entire song is a nonstop melody, incorporating multiple themes and creating a sound that really is the band’s own. - With Guitars

"Netsuke: Fresh Flesh (Interview)"

Australian (London-based) trio Netsuke make dreamy atmospheric pop with sweeping synths and unique melodies. Their debut single ‘Heliotrope’ is out now via Illustrated Records – listen to it below. - Raw Meat


Still working on that hot first release.



Netsuke are a Sydney-born alternative electronic trio based in London. They take inspiration
from Bjork, Animal Collective and Sufjan Stevens amongst others to create unique, atmospheric pop,
marrying choral-influenced vocal harmonies with intricate electronic textures.
As alumni of award-winning bands in Australia, they have previously shared the stage with acts
such as Yeasayer, WHY?, Junip, Gold Panda, Xiu Xiu, El Guincho and Neon Indian, in addition to festival
appearances at Mona Foma, Homebake, Parklife and Meredith Music Festival. As Netsuke, to date
they've notched up performances for ATP with Braids (Canada), at The Great Escape Festival and Sounds Australia's Aussie BBQ London showcase, as well as supporting a host of other international bands including Rangleklods (Denmark), Blackbird Blackbird (USA) and Teen Daze (Canada).

Following the self-release of their debut single 'Heliotrope', which received praise from Music Week,
Clash, Konbini, Purple Sneakers and BEAT, amongst others, the band are preparing to release new
single 'Mute' this summer. Mastered by John Davis (FKA Twigs, Bat for Lashes, Primal Scream), and with a Tokyo-shot video as well as a remix from fellow Australian Richard Pike (PVT), Mute will further cement the band as one to watch and they look towards their debut album release in 2016. 

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