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"Falling in Lust With I Love You Airlines"

I Love You Airlines comes at you like a hipster boys' wet dream, tight and fast with a sound that is both strangely sweet and seductive. The group's latest release, A New High, blends Sixties Phil Spector flair with raunchy grunge and disco pop. With tracks Diamond Disguise and Dial You In, ILYA owes a lot to The Ronettes. And acid. Lots and lots of acid. On lead vocals Edi Duvall is a sexual demon. She brings an acerbic sass, that when matched with hyperactive drumbeats, rousing synthesizers and band mate Pableaux Fontaine's sizzling guitars delivers an electric, irresistible performance. Every song is a post-feminist meditation: being a ponderous girl in love sure is dandy, but being horny is an immediate call for action. This group packs a punch and will kick your ass if you don't start dancing. Or give you a mean V.D. Whichever comes first. Be sure to catch I Love You Airlines when they take the stage at Studio B this Saturday. - Megan Diamondstein

http://www.thedelimagazine.com/index.php?name=thedeli&itemId=176662&mode=comments#comments - Deli Magazine

"Concert Preview"

"I Love You Airlines plays a brand of post-punk that can peel your eyelids back and force your feet to move like you've got a hive of angry bees in your pants. Sounding a little like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and a little like what would happen if a speeding 18-wheeler, driven by (a more fun) Chrissy Hynde crashed into the Ramones entire discography, ILYA plays one of the best live shows in New York. They've got two EPs you can pick up after their set, or, as always, bump the myspace in your office/dorm room/life until your friends ask you "who the fuck is that?" If this show and this band doesn't get you up to get down, I will personally refund your concert money and time spent on the L-Train. All refunds will be sent via PayPal to your face via my fist." - Geoffrey Nelson - Looserecord.com

"Fairytale EP"

"March 4th" is the stand out song on the abbreviated release, with a catchy melody and some nice sing-a-long do-do-do-dooos. The track is primed for college radio, and of the four it best showcases ILYA's promise. A solid place to start...
- Lostatsea.net


'Fairytale' EP - 2007 Released by The Ineffable Mr. Wright
* March 4th
* A Mean One
* Mi Amore

'A New High' EP - 2007 Released by The Ineffable Mr. Wright
* Diamond Disguise
* Dial You In
* Glitter Sky
* The Snow Leopard

'Love You Like Lions' EP - Coming Soon
*Love You Like Lions
*Low Life
*Open Hydrant



I Love You Airlines (nee I Love You) is vocalist Miss Edi and bass player Paul Duvall. They stormed the East Village music scene a few bloodshot blinks ago... Their swirling, hypnotic live experiences have graced nearly every New York City stage; collaborations with burlesque dancers, techno producers and performance artists ensure that every show is as unpredictably dazzling as the last. 'Fairytale,' I Love You Airlines' debut EP, was released in April of 2007 by The Ineffable Mr. Wright and showcases the duo's unique sound, playful production, and delicate and inspired songwriting talents. In September, the band released their second EP, 'A New High,' recorded and mixed by legendary producer Nick Sansano (producer of Sonic Youth's 'Daydream Nation' and 'Goo,' engineer of Public Enemy's 'Fear of a Black Planet' and 'It Takes a Nation of Millions...' et al) and mastered by Bob Power (A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Erykah Badu). To support these releases, I Love You Airlines will tour extensively in 2008.