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Pierantonio Gualtieri born in Florence (Italy)

In the young age Piero  study classical music in “ Conservatorio Cherubini” in Florence, one of the more authoritative music school in Italy.

1980 start to work in recording studio , in the same time he played drum in italian new waves bands

1990-1996 Piero made his first recording studio and start to work like producer for  new electronic rock band and in the next years him work like  sound engineer for many italian bands and he collaborated whit Micheal Tucci  ( Metallica’s sound engineer) and  Gareth Jones ( Depeche Mode,producer and sound engineer) 

Carlo U Rossi ( Mau Mau, Subsonica)

Many of the records produced in his studio in Florence arrived in the italian top ten and sold  hundred of thousand copies .

One of this records is still the single more sold in Italy in the last twenty years.

1996 – 1999   Him start  to work with  Sonia ( she worked from long time  in live music production ), and they start to organize party,   in the same time him travel around Europe and the studio in Florence became a centre for electronic and minimal techno music.

1999-2003 Born URBANMANTRA  minimal techno label, the first track on his name(m.g.1)lead the compilation Lagoa7 (distribuite by News) to rich the  second place in the top ten in Belgium and  it was a great success in Italy.

  URBANMANTRA organized FLORENCE PLAY TECHNO a big rave party every year on 21th june in the centre of Florence , whit thousand of people, in the same time URBANMANTRA  opened in Padova ( city in the north of Italy where  Piero in the years before played live techno gigs every saturday night).MUZIQUE.

 MUZIQUE was a  club whit two floor, one minimal techno and one tech house, there played the Urbanmantra’s d.j’s and many italian and international guest like Ricardo Villalobos, Heiko Laux, Rino Cerrone, Dave Tarrida.

URBANMANTRA produced about twenty ep vinyls, from the most famousl italian and european d.j’s .

The URBANMANTRA records was  distributed in Europe by Karma, International Records ( France) Syntax ( U.S.A.) Integrale ( U.K)and Australia , after ten years  Piero's vinyls are always on sale: and, Piero in that time played in his club , in some electronic festival in Italy (Distorsonie, Link Bologna), in Berlin( Tresor club), in France (Electron-M)

2002  Born second label MOUSTAKE Records, (tech house)and Piero was called from theatre company Catalyst for to produced and played live on stage the music for the piece Papesatan based on Inferno di Dante in Puccini theatre in Florence

2003, Piero and Sonia decided to change country and they moved in Berlin  but after one year they revolutionized their life and they travelled to Thailand.

2004-2006 lived in a remote beach in Koh Phangan island ( home to the famous Full Moon Party)and   played  in  Guy's bar and Eden garden 

2007 Pierantonio start to build h’s new home recording studio and begin from Singapore( The Thrump) to play whit the name iltoro


 iltoro  play  in  koh Phangan (Thailand) every Fullmoon ,at Sushi bar , in Anhata lounge ,in Lighthouse and h's resident in the best party in Koh Phangan : Guy’s bar in Hat Thien  beach.



By Producer, by Artist :

INTERNO17 Hello, Ep 1995 (IRA, distr.Polygram)

INTERNO 17 Radio, Lp 1996 (IRA, distr. Polygram)

INTERNO 17 Liquido , Lp 1998 ( Polygram)

ATHOS Rhytmik, 12” Ep 2000 ( UrbanMantra)

GABRY FASANO, Cycledelic, 12” E p2000 (UrbanMantra)

RICKY8 Orbital Tribe, 12” Ep 2000 ( UrbanMantra)

LUCAB Techno Respect, 12” Ep 2001 ( UrbanMantra)

DASH-T Music Priority 001, 12” Ep 2001 (UrbanMantra)

DASH-T Junky Tomato, 12” Ep 2001 (UrbanMantra)

DASH-T Accessory, 12” Ep 2002 ( UrbanMantra)

E.COLACI/A.GALASSO Minimono, 12” Ep2002(UrbanMantra)

3SD Three Stoned Ducks, 12” Ep 2002 ( Moustake Records)

m.g.1/m.g.2, 12” Ep 2000 ( UrbanMantra)

Lagoa 7 ( compilation, include m.g.1)2000 ( News Belgium)

Sound from a  tower, 12” Ep x 2, 2001 ( UrbanMantra)

Everything is connected, 12” Ep, 2001 ( UrbanMantra)

24 Hours, 12” Ep, 2002 ( UrbanMantra)

music come from the moon (kontrol records ) 2012