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The duo Ilwil consists of Ilyas Nashid (aka Il) & Donwill. The Cincinnati, Ohio natives met at North Carolina A&T University in 1995 and have since been displaying their deft ability to skillfully craft songs. They also perform in many different venues throughout the North Carolina and Ohio area where they now reside. After numerous collaborations with Von Pea, Nicolay, Fat Jon and others, IlWil has readied their first formal song set 'The Beat Thieves Compilation' that will serve as an appetizer of sorts for the bevy of upcoming releases that the group has slated. September 2004 proves to be busy for them as they look to release an album with French artist Notta-Kyl and will also have a track featured on Neblina Records' 'Definition' LP.

Under the collective name Tanya Morgan, IlWil and Von Pea recently finished a project entitled 'Moonlighting' that will be released in Winter 2004. IlWil's 'The Beat Thieves Compilation' will be released on Loud Minority Records.


Sound Control EP, Beat Thieves Compilation,

Set List

ILWIL has an amazing live show filled with many props and surprises ( For Example:at a performance near Halloween Ilyas let down his dreadlocks, put on a baseball cap and jersey..and broke into call and response with the crowd in a "Lil Jon" voice) Usually start off with a song done over a popular instrumental the crowd will recognize...then follow up with 2 songs...maybe some surprises...then call and response with the crowd to a popular beat..then more surprises and close with 2 or 3 high energy songs