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Image Of

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Band Rock Metal


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In April of 2010, Image Of recorded their first demo which consist of three songs. Faithless, Against Me and Last Breathe.



Adam and Aaron are the founding members of Image Of, but it was not long before others became involved. It originally began as a side project, but quickly turned to that of focus. Image Of are based out of Colorado Springs & Pueblo, Colorado. They have been writing together for approximately two years, diligently with consistent focus on maturing their sound. It so happens that all the members in the group are related. Adam (20), Aaron (26) and Abraham (28) are all brothers that grew up in a strong musical background. Josh (24) and Paul (18) are also brothers that grew up with a strong musical background as well. And as for both groups of brothers, they are also cousins.
Adam has been singing for the past five years, which is consistently developing on almost a weekly basis. He has taken the time to improve with various vocal exercises and instructional teachings, from vocal coaches and other programs such as “The Zen of Screaming”. Adam also plays guitar, but focuses mainly on vocals – though he is capable of solo acoustic acts as well.
Aaron has been playing guitar for thirteen years, ranging from classical guitar to seven-string guitars. The primary style of writing tends to revolve around syncopated riffs or odd time signatures. From previous experience seen, it will either be a beautiful heartfelt melody or a driving, palm-muted riff with pinch harmonics. Techniques included are finger picking, alternate picking and two-hand tapping.
Abraham has been playing bass for thirteen years as well, though a more musical approach was taken. He primarily worked on developing his understanding of music theory and techniques ranging from traditional finger picking to slap, pop and two-hand tapping. Certainly not a traditionalist type of bassist regarding the genre, but with this approach it brings a whole new level to the music.
Josh has been playing guitar for nine years and has a very similar but more often complimentary sound with Aaron. Heavy riffs, odd times and driving leads were all in the consideration of forming a new layer to the sound that was current. Josh is the newest member in the band and has now been playing with Image Of for a year.
Paul is a phenomenal drummer that is completely self-taught from the age of ten. He picked up drum sticks and never looked back. Some comparisons have been made to Mike Portnoy and James "The Rev" Sullivan. He is really quick to pick up new techniques and able to utilize accordingly. Specializing in odd time signatures, double-bass, as well as unique tom and cymbal work. Though he is only the young age of eighteen, his style and level of play would not lead you to believe it. He is certainly the driving force of Image Of.