London, England, GBR

Music which weaves aspects of electro, pop, trip-hop, post-punk and post-rock into beautiful, riotous, and often desolate songs. Raucous live set.


Imaginaire formed in early 2010; a band consisting of 3 musician/songwriter/producers and collaborating with various vocalists and instrumentalists.

The band’s influences are diverse and their sound is verging on the schizophrenic: both ethereal and guttural.

Band members David , Nico and CJ along with a host of up and coming singers create music which weaves aspects of pop, electro, trip-hop, new wave and post-rock into beautiful, sometimes riotous, heartfelt yet often desolate songs, with an insistence on strong melody and thoughtful lyricism.

In August 2010 the band released their debut e.p. 'A Cage went in Search of a Bird'

In December 2011 the band released single 'Diver' with 2 more singles in the pipeline for release in early 2012

The band is enjoying radio air-play, including BBC6 Music, Resonance FM, Amazing Radio, Wired Radio and Roundhouse Radio and has had a fair amount of favourable press coverage.

Imaginaire have performed a string of raucous performances across London, headlining Cargo, Bull and Gate, Water Rats and other mid sized venues, and a small european tour is planned for summer.


August 2010 'A Cage Went in Search of a Bird' e.p

Airplay on BBC6 Music, Resonance FM, Wired Radio, Roundhouse Radio, UCLA Radio (USA), Salta Radio (Argentina)

December 2011 'Diver' single

Airplay on Amazing Radio, Wired Radio