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Imaginary Airship

Portland, Oregon, United States | INDIE

Portland, Oregon, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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"CD Baby Review- 5 Stars"

"When an album opens with an acoustic guitar that’s as delicately toned and recorded as the one that starts this album, it’s impossible not to immediately fall in love with it. When the next things you hear are a slow rise of keyboard in the distant background, a tiny arpeggiated synth line, and vocals swelling and welling up in their sad statements, it’s impossible not to think there’s something special waiting for you. While a lot of this album takes influence from more mellow and swirly moments of both Pink Floyd and the Flaming Lips, there’s an overall lamenting sleepiness to this record that allows you to be drawn from acoustic guitar + keyboard songs to the more rare, full-on jaunty rock. The whole package benefits from the psychedelic production and song structures employed from bow to stern of this Imaginary Airship, and come to think of it, there couldn’t be a more perfect name for this band."

-CD Baby - CD Baby

"Review from Listener's Generation"

Review from "Listener’s Generation"

Ever experience a string of dreams that were beautiful, strange, and unnerving all at the same time? If you tried to put these dreams into words, you probably couldn't. However, if you listen to Imaginary Airship's latest release, "Where Dreams Take Flight," you'll find that they've captured that strange collection of dreams in a way that Freud would even appreciate.

"Where Dreams Take Flight" is a unique, unpredictable, and often wonderfully mystical collection of songs. The songwriting is strong, and is nearly (but pleasantly) overshadowed by the stellar instrumental production. The musical effects, ambient delays, layered keyboards, strings, and other weird sounds lay a wonderful canvas for the band's tunes.

The title track of this CD gives a great example of the unpredictability to come with this collection. Its ambience leaves you peaceful, relaxed and mellow. However, just as our dreams can quickly change emotional direction, so does this song. One minute the music is mellow, and then suddenly the band kicks in with a rock 'n roll overdrive that makes you wonder what's happening within the dreamer's mind. This formula is also repeated on a few other tunes on the disc, but not so much that it takes away from the consistency of the album.

The highlight of this collection is definitely, "Bright New Day." It's the most satellite radio-friendly of the songs on this disc, and I mean that with all the compliments in the world. It has great chord changes, strong lyrics, and a great hook. I also dig the instrumental break in the middle of the song. They could have jammed this part out for hours, but instead tastefully made it just the right length. After the solo, they strongly came back with the final chorus, creating a great song that is both commercially viable and artistically satisfying.

There are also several nice instrumental-only tunes spread throughout this 10-song collection. They are trippy and peaceful, and make for nice transitions between the other lyrically based creations.

My only criticism of this wonderful album is the song, "Kaleidoscope Nightmare." The second half of the song is mostly played in reverse and is a bit tough to listen to. I appreciate the artistic approach, but I felt it took away from the consistently beautiful ride that I was on.

Dreams are unpredictable journeys, and the Imaginary Airship band takes advantage of this fact with their strange and wonderful release, "Where Dreams Take Flight." I really enjoyed reviewing this album, and recommend that you check it out.

- Listeners' Generation - Listener's Generation

"Review from PDX Pole"

" gives Imaginary Airship all the stars we have and staples them permanently to our soul. They give hope of a "Bright New Day". Listening to the album gives strength to keep going and pursue your dreams, even when there is unbelievable pain and disappointment in your life. And it's not just a temporary feeling of joy, but Imaginary Airship leaves a lasting sense of hope. You'll find a 60's psychedelic influenced indie rock sound that competes with the likes of Flaming Lips and Pink Floyd, but offers something new that will take you up into the clouds." -


Where Dreams Take Flight (full length) 2007



In 1896, the Pacific Northwest was flooded with reports of an extraordinary flying machine. Whether mass hysteria or something more mysterious, that slowly drifting dirigible is an icon of Oregon's partly cloudy past and present, and Portland based ensemble Imaginary Airship has gotten more than a little inspiration from the surreal sightings of the Northwest's long-ago floating mystery. Combining disparate elements of Indie Rock, Progressive rock, Psychedelic, Acoustic Pop, and their favorite soundtracks, the band's swirling, soaring arrangements will captivate your imagination, taking you on a fantastic audio voyage you won't soon forget.

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