Imaginary Bill

Imaginary Bill


Nervous, twitchy, and sweetly warped.


Imaginary Bill are based in Bklyn, NY, with members coming from Brooklyn, Baltimore and Philadelphia. Music is anxious and nervous, with a melodic and hummable quality. High energy live show, and with the edition of a second guitarist / multi-instrum'ist, Ib are starting to display a more experimental side live.



Written By: Steve Rouach (Imaginary bill)

You know I really need to see you face to face
You know my seams are stretched a million miles away
I never get alarmed but I never get through it
Every time you do it, stunts your growth away

Well you know if you’re decaying by the smell
And if you never need the heat on you’re in hell
Never said a word that wouldn’t always ruin it
Walk right through it when the light says go.

Do you get beaten to the ground?
Do you go swimming just to drown?
Do you get damage to your head?
Do you just bleed into the snow to turn it red?

You know I’d really love to see you when you’re sane
But your face is always scrunched up in your pain
Standing in the light, your funny nose and glasses.
Speaking to the masses, seeming very plain.

You know you always seem so fearless when you fly.
You pick the shards of glass out of your eyes.
I never could know if I could ever get through it.
When you gonna do it? Where’s your flight or fight?

Bottom Feeder

Written By: Steve Rouach (Imaginary bill)

it's always nice to see you with your pillow face
it's always nice to be you in your ripe old age
when I feel down feel the sound wetting me washing over like a wave
it's always strange to breed you in your briny rage
it's always strange to see you in your liquid cage
I'd like to throw you out gasp for air my bottom feeder breathe some water float around for me
it's always wrong to see you float in such a state
it's always wrong to deem you with your porcelain fate


"Imaginary bill" (2000)
"the Special EP" (2002)
"Breaking the Ground Loop"(2004)

Set List

we usually try to cram as many songs into the set as we can - with the edition of a second guitarist / multi-instrum'ist we're starting to play some of the weirder Ib songs. we do one cover - by gbv - at very special shows.