Imaginary Friend

Imaginary Friend

 Warwick, Rhode Island, USA

Rock duo Imaginary Friend bring their coffee-flavored blend of retro guitars, semi-sour lyrics & Beatlesque harmonies from the swamps of Rhode Island straight to your ears. Their home-produced songs are catchy and well crafted, with styles ranging from heavy rock and hip pop to sensitive ballads.


Imaginary Friend was formed in 2002 when Neal Leatherman was really bored. Having picked up the guitar only 5 years prior, Neal found himself in a prolific period of songwriting. As a result, he recorded three albums' worth of this early material. Although many of these songs were very basic, the seeds of Imaginary Friend's future had been sown. In early 2003, he reunited with an old friend — ex-URI classmate Jeff Carroll — and the future of Imaginary Friend as we know it began to take shape. Jeff brought a technical background (in both recording and musicianship) to the table and helped Neal produce his next set of songs more fully. The result of these sessions was another set of demo albums, "Clean My Bass" and "Chord To Nowhere". Following the completion of these albums, the duo began writing the songs for what would become "A, B & C". This period, between 2004 and 2007, represents the true gelling of the band, as both members collaborated on the songs from start to finish. Imaginary Friend continues to write and record material, and probably will until such time as there are no liquor stores within a five mile radius.


Quietly, Slightly

Written By: Neal Leatherman / Jeff Carroll

When he first met her she seemed quite manic
Screaming out lyrics at passing traffic
Grooving away to her inside song
He heard the chorus so he sung along...

(Junk bond trader)

He took her to a place that dealt in organics
I think it was called a "Mother Nature's Planet"
He paid for her large chai tea
But all the while he was invading her reality

Spoke to her with words by Yeats
Or maybe it was Hendrix, maybe it was Keats
Stole his way back to her bed
But he could never stop the music
Playing in her head...

Because her music still plays (da da da)
Her music still plays (da da da)
Her music still plays (da da da)
Her music still plays... quietly, slightly

(And quietly, slightly)

The dawn light brought her nothing to borrow
And neither did a hundred, thousand tomorrows
Most mornings she found him in a corner
A condition that he had
And always failed to warn her

He only feels joy when he suffers
Which is great for a poet but it's
Lousy for a lover

And so he'd stumble to a different venue
Where you have to pay and "click to continue"
Like everyone they found their own meaning
But he never could stop that girl from dreamin'

Because her music still plays (da da da)
Her music still plays (da da da)
Her music still plays (da da da)
Her music still plays... quietly, slightly



A, B & C (2007)