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We Got Fucked Up, Then Had An Idea (LP)
Welcome To The Basement (LP)
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In an era where underground music is just as generic and no more credible than its mainstream counterparts, two artists have broken through the shackles of the increasingly structured scene with brutal force. Imagine That, comprised of MC eNVy and Mike Love, has spent the last decade perfecting their work to remain as one of the only pure artists left today.

At an early age, MC eNVy and Mike Love were turned on to music from hip hop legends such as Wu-Tang, Nas and Jay-Z, in addition to the influential environemnt of their birthplace in Queens, NY. Using music as the ultimate creative vehicle to express their thoughts and opinions, Imagine That was thus created with a strict DIY ethic that has served as the foundation for their work as well as their ambitions till this very day. MC eNVy’s vocals display pure lyrical genius, with infectious hooks and verses that will keep your ears welded to every meticulously crafted phrase. Mike Love harbors unparallelled musicianship and vocal talent, with a style that mirrors nothing but his own self-created brand of artistic brilliance. Mike Love’s range consists of a one-hundred mile per hour machine gun stacatto to slower, smooth-flowing contours, and everything in between. eNVy is also credited to be the mastermind behind Imagine That's unrivaled beats. Over the years, he has utilized his seasoned musicianship to compose countless tracks of various tempos, keys and sounds that hypnotize listeners and raise the bar for acclaimed producers who make monotnous, dime-a-dozen beats. eNVy’s diverse sound has served as a platform to which the two brothers write their respective vocal masterpieces.

Completely disregarding any mainstream and underground standard of sound and structure, eNVy’s track arrangements keep the audience guessing where a particular song will take them. As the years went by and mainstream and underground hip hop became more commercialized and bland, Imagine That and the hip hop scene diverged even further into two separate entities. While producers and rappers continue to use "dumbed-down" beats and lyrics, Imagine That experiments with sampling classic rock riffs and original instrumentation. Together, these artists’ contrasting and well-balanced music, lyrics, flow and passion converge to deliver an honest and unapologetic answer to the industry and society as a whole. Their versitility and broad range allows a wide demographic of listeners to enjoy their work and relate to their music.

Despite the fact that both artists have worked in prestigious studios and have degrees in the recording arts, their impressive technical resumes are no comparison to their level of talent and creativity that only individuals with ascribed paramount musical knowledge and skills possess. Although they are forever grateful that Imagine That’s music has been highly acclaimed by an exponentially expanding fanbase, MC eNVy and Mike Love view success and audience acceptance as a beneficial byproduct rather than an obsessive goal to appease the masses. Their goals, views and thoughts? Listen to a track and you’ll find out.