Iman Fears

Iman Fears

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

17-year-old Iman Carol Fears is emerging onto the Atlanta indie music scene with her take on dark pop—sometimes acoustic, sometimes electronic.
Her debut single, “Manic”, is lyrically American-Psycho-meets-Skins, and sounds as if Turin Brakes had a baby by way of artificial insemination from Marina and the Diamonds.
With some dirty Nancy Sinatra thrown in for good measure.
With over 10,000 listens on her YouTube channel and an EP produced under the guidance of New Edition's Ronnie DeVoe on


17-year-old Iman Fears cites famous literary bad girl Dolores Haze as her number one influence in writing the songs for her "Lolita" EP.

In high school, Fears performed with theaters and concert venues across her native Twin Cities. Fears was accepted to Princeton and Columbia, but chose to defer admission for one year to focus on writing dark acoustic pop with a Nabokovian twist.

Fears' cover of Lana Del Rey's "Off to the Races" quickly gained thousands of views on YouTube, catching the attention of New-Edition-band-member-turned-talent-scout Ronnie DeVoe, who promptly agreed to work with her.

The Lolita EP will be released Oct 7 2012.

Free download of Fears' cover of Off to the Races here:


Lolita EP (Release date October 2012)

Off to the Races

Set List

Manic (Single)
Off to the Races (Cover)
Jessie (Single)
Spanish Sahara (Cover)
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